east vs west [coast] style. lace.

lace. it never seems to go out of style and reappears every season in some shape or form. the best thing about lace is that it is totally wearable for everyone. you can go for a girly look like Ashley (Golden Divine) did, toughen it up with a masculine piece like Jackie and Tracy, or wear it in small doses like me, Ashley (Pursuit of Shoes), and Meaghan. but one thing is for sure, lace always lends a romantic vibe.
how do you wear lace?

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Jackie / Living After Midnite / New York
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Tracy / TheRightShoes / New York

Ashley / Pursuit of Shoes / California
Ashley / Golden Divine / California
Becks / oomph. / Hawaii

sometimes i dabble in extreme lace just for the fun of it, but the tomboy in me never feels 100% comfortable. instead, i like my lace in small doses or as accents. this sweater was right up my alley because it's essentially a versatile gray sweater from the front with a peek of lace in the back. to keep it cool in our warm weather, i paired it with some denim shorts and threw my hair up into a bun.
(sweater c/o Lulu's (buy); bag & sunglasses (buy) c/o Sole Society;
pave necklace (buy) & ring (buy) c/o Capwell & Co;
DIY shorts; sperry topsider shoes)

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Amy's Fashion Blog said...

love the lace detail.

Prints And Roses said...

Such a pretty look, especially that top - love the lace detail on the back!


Marie said...

Love love love that top. I'm a huge fan of lace.
You look fab!!

Best, Mree

gabrielle said...

love your look the best, so adorable! you look super comfy and i'm obsessed with those leopard sperrys.


Frannie Pantz said...

Hooray for fun, girly and spring-like lace! How perfectly timed for this post to be right before Easter too. Everyone looks so cute!

Iván The Trendy Surfer said...

Lovely DIY shorts !! stylish !



J. said...

Loving the East vs. West.
I take my lace in small doses nowadays but it used to not be my thing...I'm working on that...

jackie jade said...

what a fun lacy look. love the little pop of lace!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I love a bit of lace becks! All the styles are so lovely.

Jessica said...

You look incredible. I love the little lace detail and your sunnies.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

susan jakovina said...

Very cute! and i love the sunnies! xox

Diva In Me said...

Love how you added lace into a tomboy-ish look. I also like the feminine touch from Ashley (Pursuit of Shoes).

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

awesome ladies! all of them! I loved west more because your style is perfect and what is even more important styles are more relaxed and fun.

Elle Sees said...

love these challenges--yours makes me want warmer weather!

Unknown said...

i love that pop of lace detail in the back. such a cute surprise :)
xo jac

Lisa (aka sweetie) said...

Blog is looking great! I love those denim shorts with the two tone look. cute!


Cel said...

I love lace, but I have a grabby cat, and I'm horribly clumsy so it always winds up torn and shredded and sadly ruined from being snagged on every possible snag. That's such a neat sweater though! Business in the front, lace party in the back!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you! I can't take lace full out...but I love how you're wearing it here! Hope you and the kiddos have a fabulous Easter!!!

xx April

Sophie in the Sticks said...

LOVE how you styled lace, that little peek of it is so cute x

Oreleona said...

love the peak-a boo sweater!! and ur shorts!!

Ai Sakura said...

love the peek of lace with the sweater! Happy Easter! :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

01 09 10