a week of beauty. makeup routine.

ending this week of beauty with my current makeup routine. i used to have oily skin, and i did everything i could to get that powdery matte finish. i used oil-free everything, blotted, and powdered my nose every chance i had. now my skin is sensitive, dry, and eczema-prone, and i'm doing everything i can to get that moisture back into my skin.

so i recently changed my tried and true routine, switching to a liquid foundation and limiting my use of powders.
here's the current:


**i usually use mary kay creme-to-powder foundation, i'm really liking this one from l'oreal.

**i normally use laura mercier foundation powder and love it. they changed their formula and were out of my color, so sephora recommended make up forever. i prefer laura mercier. has anyone tried the new formula? 
***i only powder in the morning...no more touchups throughout the day unless absolutely necessary.

anastasia beverly hills brow gel - caramel (forgot to put this in the picture)
anastasia beverly hills - she wears it well palette
anastasia beverly hills - want you to want me palette
maybelline gel eyeliner - blackest black
l'oreal voluminous mascara - blackest black

**i forgot to include a picture of the anastasia brow gel.
***love this mascara.

jordana blush - terra cotta

*this bronzer is too dark for me, but i'm using it up with a light hand.

as for my lips, i use everything and anything. i have been loving avon ultra color lipsticks and would love to try YSL and tom ford.

finished face.

what's your beauty routine?
how long does it take to put your face on?

in case you missed it:


  1. it takes me 30 minutes to put my face on

  2. it takes me 15 minutes. wow i'm very bad at it :PP

  3. Nice to learn what skilled women like you do. I still flail hopelessly with beauty products. Makeup is far harder than it looks.

  4. I don't wear make-up like I use to , but even now when I do put on make-up not sure why but it can take me up to an hour loll yep .. thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  5. I wish I had a "routine" at all - I tend to neglect my beauty needs

  6. To be honest, it takes me only about 5 minutes because I only use a brow pencil, mascara, and lip gloss/stain. I've always been super challenged with makeup artistry and I have no patience, SMH. Love your look!

  7. Thank you for sharing what makeups you use.

  8. So many beauty Products exists !!!! OMG. I never knew.

  9. It's great that you use sun protection! A lot of people forget that. I can't believe your skin type changed so much by powdering and blotting.. I shall be more careful now.

    And about your comment on my picture frames. The pictures are actually from a cooking magazine. They were so beautiful and inspirational that I had to hang them on my wall. :-)


  10. I hate when brands change their formulas. It's usually a lose. Glad you're trying different things. I think we all fall into a rut of using things over and over (accept for lipstick hahaha) and don't try new things. It takes me about 15 minutes.

  11. You always look fabulous! My make-up routine is pretty simple as I don't wear a lot, mainly just to spruce up my eyes and add some colour. I'm usually done within 15 mins unless I'm wearing falsies and then it gets kinda tricky :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  12. I might have to try that Elf primer! Looks good!

  13. wow, so many great products, my routine is pretty quick and easy, just use a bb cream or tinted moisturizer with spf

  14. Thanks for sharing this, I checked out the link for the brow gel. I've never tried laura mercier, or actually a lot of the products you mentioned. I have been using jafra since I was 13 years old. It's been right there for me through all of my skin changes over the years.

    The number one product that I think everyone should use is the Royal Jelly Milk Balm from jafra. It is sorta like water to the skin. People think I'm way younger than I am. I guess it's working. I have very dry skin and I use jafra's moisturizing makeup, then I lightly dust with their finishing powder to keep away the shine. Sometimes I use their other moisturizers, but more often than not, this is my routine, besides eye makeup. I was taught to never use maybelline or revlon because they have some sort of ingredient that ages the skin faster, but that might have changed.


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