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whenever i try out a new product, i like to use it exclusively so that i can tell if it's working. unfortunately, that means other products are pushed aside, and i hate letting good product sit [especially] after it is opened. so once i am comfortable with a product, i will throw it into the mix.

today, i'll be sharing a few skin care products and systems i currently have on hand and how i found a way to incorporate all of them into my everyday routine.

 one thing is key for any skin care product or system...consistency. you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to see results. give it a chance to work, then decide whether it's right for you.

Mary Kay TimeWise
my mom is a long time user of mary kay. every gift from her is usually mary kay products which i'm happy to receive. for christmas, she gave me these three from the TimeWise collection.

i always hear great things about the clarisonic mia, so i was excited to try this skinvigorate cleansing brush. it has two speed settings, gently massages as it deep cleans the skin, and allows skin products to absorb better.

to use, i applied the 3-in-1 cleanser to my face then used the brush on low speed in circular motions on my t-zone area. the bristles are super soft on the skin, yet it feels invigorating while you are cleansing. unfortunately, my face would be tender for several hours after that. i continued to use the brush for a few weeks before realizing that it's just too much stimulation for my extremely sensitive skin. i continue to use it on my neck and chest areas. i still recommend it if you do not have sensitive skin. i think it would be a great alternative to the clarisonic mia ($100+).

the cleanser is wonderful. it has micro beads that help exfoliate, plus it rinses clean leaving your skin feeling refreshed and soft. i use it every night and follow up with the moisture renewing gel mask twice a week. it can be used as a 10-minute mask or left on overnight - i leave on overnight because i'm too lazy to rinse it off. the next morning i rinse it off with warm water (no face wash needed) and my face feels smooth and hydrated.

*     *     *
VIVO Per Lei Dead Sea Minerals
 - Facial Peeling, $100
ok, have you ever been approached by salespersons from this kiosk? you know the ones that say they just need a quick minute to show you something amazing? they might also ask what product you use on your face or if you regularly get manicures. they might compliment you, but most times they are aggressive and downright rude. you may walk away feeling offended, but don't take it personally. they do this to everyone. (i have two funny stories about my experiences at the kiosk, but i'll spare you since this post is already lengthy.)

bottom line is that if they didn't force you to sample their product, you'd never know how good it was. 

after cleansing with the mary kay 3-in-1, i massage this in using circular motions to exfoliate dead skin. i love the visible results of this product. the place that surprised me the most? the skin under your eyebrows! scrub those eyebrows, ladies - lots of dead skin there.

getting rid of those layers of dead skin will allow other products to better penetrate the skin. 

i use the facial peeling twice a week, then follow up with the moisturizing day cream (it's on the heavy side, so i use overnight).

*     *     *
Rodan & Fields - Proactiv
- Proactiv Solution 30-day supply, $24.95
as a teen, i didn't have horrible acne. i'd have the occasional breakout which was manageable with over the counter spot treatments. i did, however, experience some adult acne a few years ago and decided to give proactiv a try. with all the positive testimonials, it had to work, right? right. this stuff works. 

you won't see results overnight, but consistency is key! once you start using the system, your skin will begin to purge all the toxins that are beneath the surface. meaning, your skin condition may get worse before it gets better. this is when people freak out, think the product isn't working for them, and switch. do. not. stop. acne treatments speed up the exfoliation process; all of these soon-to-be breakouts that are already waiting under the skin will surface sooner. once all of those impurities are gone, the treatment can do its job of healing the skin and preventing new breakouts.

i used the 3-step Proactiv solution morning and night everyday for almost a year. i saw results after 2-3 months, and my skin was clear after 5-6 months. now that my skin is stable and back to normal, i use the renewing cleanser just for maintenance on the mornings i'm not washing off a mary kay mask or vivo cream.

some people have said that this system is too strong and drying for them. Rodan & Fields has a new line called Proactiv+ which combines acne treatment with skin care benefits. it has more medicine plus built-in hydration for a gentle and effective treatment. just like we have all-in-one BB and CC creams...this would be like the BB/CC version of acne treatments!

*     *     *
First Aid Beauty

and finally, on the nights that i'm not using any of the above products, i slather on this heavy cream after cleansing with mary kay. i purchased this for my eczema prone skin because it hydrates and soothes without further irritating my skin.

have you tried any of these products?
do you have a favorite skin care system or do you like to mix things up?

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  1. I am going to try some things from Mary Kay and Rodan & Fields soon but not Pro Active. I have recently been trying Dermalogica and so far so good.


  2. that VIVO Per Lei scrub looks great! and never thought to scrub under the eyebrows. thanks for the review!

    cute & little

  3. ohh thanks for sharing us your skin care routine!!!

    i grew up using proativ since i was a teen as well.. and religiously used all 3 as i got older i realized it was too strong for me.. but when i stopped it completely i broke out. so after a lot of trial and error i realized i only needed #3! :) woot! perfect balance!

    i need to try that ultra repair cream i get REALLY bad eczema during the winter months!!


  4. thanks for sharing! I like to mix mine up (a lot!) but I always love seeing what others use. I think I may need to try a few of these! ;) xo

  5. Thanks for sharing!
    I love reading about beauty routines from a fashion blogger. Seems like you have a very good thing going on here.
    I used to religiously use the Proactive line - which worked for the first time to make my face blemish free. It is too drying for my current skin, but I want to have a bottle of lotion to keep my occasional breakouts at bay!

  6. The ultra repair cream looks very good~ Many thanks for share your skin care routine~

    I want Invite you to my Giveaway! For win a Dress, Blouse or a Bag~ The winner choose the prize!

  7. key product !!!!



  8. The Moisturizing Cream looks delicious ,also the ultra repair Cream looks like a good Product :)

    Happy Weekend ,kisses

  9. I really love Mary Kay face products. The only thing is they tend to be a little thin in consistency so I go through them quickly and it gets pricey.

  10. I have heard good things about Proactive which I wish was made sooner.

  11. i can vouch for Mary Kay products. they were the first products i ever used. consistently good. i didn't have such luck with proactiv. i think it was too harsh for my sensitive skin.

  12. I have never try any Mary Kay products out before.

  13. I love glicolic peelings. Maybe will try this. Used proactive once and gave me a rash.

  14. Mary Kay seems to have a good range of products.

  15. I'm always looking for skincare advice. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I personally recommend staying away from expensive bubble bath and using oils instead, tea tree is great for those prone to Thrush and Lavender is good for my sensitve skin! check my site


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