beach whites.

summer seems to be flying by...
mini-he goes back to school on august 1st, and that'll be the end of our late nights and mid-week rendezvous. i look forward to each weekend and try to fill it with as many fun activities as possible. this weekend we're hoping to hit up a dinosaur exhibit, a [fashionable] night market, and the beach, of course!

speaking of the beach, i found my perfect cover-up from eshakti. the longer sleeves provide a bit of relief from the sun, the embroidered details give it a boho vibe, and i love how the ruffled hem moves prettily in the wind. unfortunately, the white sold out; it's available in orange here. if you want a similar white one, you can probably customize this one to have longer sleeves like the one i'm wearing.

they are currently having a summer clearance sale. plus, if you are a new customer, you get a $25 certificate that can be used in addition to the sale!

*update 7/22/14: the dress is now available in off-white here!

*this is not a sponsored post. while eshakti did send me an item to review (still working out some sizing issues), i purchased this particular dress on my own and love it.

(eshakti dress; lil coconut hawaii clutch (buy))

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  1. love the pictures of you at the beach! what a perfect white dress for the occasion!

  2. I cannot believe how quickly the summer flew by! I didn't know eShakti offered cover-ups! This one is darling! I love it on you! Enjoy your summer moments with the minis!

  3. total white for the beach is a must

    Thank you for your lovely comment!

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    - Hannah's Heels

  4. You look beautiful! I am waiting for this red, I got it in red!!!

  5. This is just lovely!
    I really like the mullet in the dress although it is never a good thing in hair style. ;)

  6. love how flowy and boho this dress looks! such pretty beachside pics.


  7. It is absolutely gorgeous Becks!!! These photos are breathtaking!

  8. What a cute cover-up, I love the boho style, just perfect for a relaxing holiday at the beach. Enjoy the summer! Best regards from Barcelona,
    A Bilingual Baby blog

  9. You look adorable!!! I love that dress! I need it for my vacay!

  10. I can only comment with one word: gorgeous!

  11. whoever took this picture should be a photographer amazing!

  12. Aww like a sweet baby-doll dress!! Perfect white for the beach :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  13. Such a dreamy dress and your legs look amazing. Love the glowing tan.
    I can't believe his school starts so early. Ours is after Labor Day.
    We are going to Turkey for 5 weeks.

  14. It sounds like you have the perfect weekend planned!! I have been trying to make the most of summer too - I can't believe it is almost over. You look gorgeous - such a lovely dress!

  15. I love your dress! Can't wait to get to the beach.

  16. SO pretty! There is nothing like a pure white dress at the beach. Love. xox

  17. Pretty! I can't believe summer is almost over!

  18. That's such a pretty dress! Great for the beach.


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