gingham and lace + watermelon cake.

gingham and lace for a
semi-wordless wednesday.

i saw photos of these watermelon cakes floating around during the 4th of july weekend, and most recently on Sisters Marie. since it's been hot and muggy, i decided to give it a try for a refreshing treat. i prepared it after everyone went to bed, and when they saw this pretty cake sitting in the refrigerator the next morning, they were so excited. mini-he couldn't wait to eat this cake. i made him wait almost the whole day, because i was scrambling to also make brownie cups [for brownie sundaes].

why? because i needed a back-up.

when i finally sliced the cake, mini-he was disappointed to see that it was just fruit, haha. he enjoyed the brownie sundaes while the rest of us enjoyed the watermelon cake!

 seedless watermelon is better, but this is what we had. i used extra creamy cool whip (instead of whipped cream), and it held up nicely. just make sure to pat the watermelon dry before applying, then top with whatever you like. super easy.

(Lulu's skirt (similar); Gilly Hicks shirt; Shop Lately necklace)

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  1. Becks, that is a really sweet combination girl! And ooohh yummm that cake!

  2. Your watermelon cake looks yummy.

  3. You look stunning! And the recipe is worth trying (although I will certainly prepare some 'back-up stuff' for the disappointed ones ;) )

  4. yum! that sounds so perfectly refreshing for a sweltering day. if you can believe it, we're blazing hot And muggy today. love the mix of lace and gingham :)
    xo jac

  5. Very pretty look! You did a great job with the cake. I've seen those too but often wondered if I could ever pull it off--thanks for the tips! How sweet (literally) of you to make an extra "back up" dessert!

  6. You had me at watermelon cake....so gorgeous!

  7. Love your outfit. Gingham and lace seems an unusual combination, but you really made it work.
    The watermelon cake looks so delicious. Perfect for a hot summer day.

    Xx Anne


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