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the Runner's HI 20k
6am, 09.07.14

after cramping up during my last 15k race, i was nervous (scared, actually) about running 20k (12.4 miles). i tried to better prepare for this race by hydrating much earlier in the week - in addition to drinking water, i added a daily sports drink to build up the potassium and sodium in my system. i also applied magnesium gel to my legs every night (magnesium deficiency can lead to muscle cramps) and had a plan to interval (run/walk) the course.

at my 3am wake up call, i drank 16 oz of water followed by a bowl of cheerios, half a banana + a scoop of peanut butter, and coffee.

we arrived at the site with plenty of time to park, grab our timing chips and use the bathroom (twice!). i took the 5:30 am early start again.

this particular race was a flat, 4-loop course around a dry industrial area. there was no greenery (or scenery), and it was expected to be hot. the above was taken around mile 4 as the sun was coming up. i was somewhat blinded and had no idea what i was snapping, but was later surprised by this pretty picture.


i was relying on my map my run app to pace myself and realized several miles in that i had accidentally paused the workout...ugh!! using water stations as landmarks, i walked through them and even more frequently towards the end.

i grabbed one cup of water and one cup of gatorade at each water station, sipping from both of them as i passed through (i only drank water last race). i brought along two energy gels and chased them with water at around miles 5 and 8.

i resumed my app/workout around mile 8, so i was able to keep pace for the remainder of the course. my right knee started to hurt around mile 9; and while it hurt more to walk, i forced myself because i was more afraid of cramping up. happy to say i made it to the end without any cramps or hot spots.

mile 9: 11:52
mile 10: 13:22
mile 11: 12:51
mile 12: 12:51
mile 12.4: 11:18

official time: 2:39:43

since my car was nearby, i was able to hydrate with my own nuun drink while i waited for my friend to come in. then we chatted about the race while we stretched before heading home.

as usual, i jumped in my ice bath while sipping my recovery drink (protein powder + almond milk), then wrapped my legs and relaxed for the rest of the day.

race gear: same as last time since these are the only ones i have with pockets - adidas top; fabletics suva run shorts; new balance 890 v4 shoes; nike dryfit hat; roxy siren top

race fuel: honey stinger gold energy gels (miles 5, 8)
the good: i felt great, no muscle cramps, no hot spots (blisters), flat course, not as hot as expected
the bad: right knee hurt; my tracking app was interrupted and i had no idea what my pace was for the first half of the course.

in the days following: i was sore from head to toe on monday, including my knee. however, i recovered quickly this time. i rested monday, did an easy walk on tuesday, and was back to running on wednesday.

actions to take: pay close attention to my knee and how to prevent injury.  i was starting to feel full from all the water i drank - need to be more strategic on when and how often to hydrate during longer races.

next race: 25k, october 5th. this course is described to have two major hills!

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  1. Interesting reporting. Good luck with the next run!

  2. Becks, I don't know how you do it! So grueling! I'm so proud of you! Great job!

  3. Idk? what happened to my comment? Just in case you do get it, this is a repeat...:) I know that you've been juicing, and I always read that celery is great for cell restoration post workout. I haven't tried it yet, but you might wanna try it and see how it works for you. Juicing it or just chomping on some stalks post run. Keep up the great work!! I totally admire you!1

    1. good to know...i definitely do use celery in my juices. thanks!!

  4. Glad you didn't cramp up this time. Good luck on your next race.

  5. You go girl! You are a rockstar! I would love to do a 15k one day but I have a lot of training i would need to do. I'm really out of shape. Glad to hear you didn't cramp up this time, yay for hydration and magnesium!!

  6. ommmmmg you are legit amazing.. seriously amazing! you're awesome!!!!


  7. Nice! Geez, I would love to run like that. In fact, my boyfriend and I were thinking about training for a half-marathon. Takes some serious motivation to start doing that! I'll have to come to you if we have any questions!
    Love your blog. New reader!

    xoxx, Monica
    F&ML: Fashion And My Life
    Fashion takes the f*%$ out of my life...

    1. i hope you do do it! it's a great experience....keep us posted!!

  8. This is great that you are chronicling your marathon training on your blog! I do go jogging sometimes so some of your tips are helpful!

  9. I'm always in awe of marathon runners and the sheer amount of prep work put into the race. The route does sound boring with no scenery. I agree the sunlit picture does look pretty. I wish you all the best in completing the race!

    Thank you for your comment, oomph. I love seeing newcomers and hope we continue to stay in touch.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  10. The first picture is really pretty!
    3am wake up call?!! @___@ Maybe cos I'm not a morning person. Good one to stay healthy and fit! Way to go girl! =)

    1. i am so NOT a morning person either, but i force myself to sleep early the night before...then waking up isn't too bad!

  11. What an amazing accomplishment. Good for you! :)


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