east vs west style. jewel tones.

we're back! the girls and i are here with another east vs west series. there are so many great fall trends this year...some of them oldies but goodies while others are new and adventurous. this fall 2014 edition is five weeks of our favorite trends, and we're kicking it off with jewel tones.

if you're new to east vs west, it's a collaboration between six girls (three from the east coast, three from the west coast) where we showcase our favorite trends and see how location and lifestyle influence style across the states.

Jackie / Living After Midnite / New York
Meaghan / District Sparkle / Virginia
Tracy / TheRightShoes / New York

Ashley / Pursuit of Shoes / California
Danielle / Envision Pretty / California
Becks / oomph. / Hawaii

while i normally associate jewel tones with purples and greens, i have a new found love for deep rich navy blue. it all started with this beautiful wool skirt from Hutch. i love the wide stripes and [vegan] leather piping. to keep the look seamless, i paired the skirt with an equally pretty navy blouse and barely there heels from Lulu's.

what would an outfit be without accessories? i added a hint of color with this jewel tone burgundy clutch from love & sunshine and some silver jewelry like this pretty silver-tone twisted wire cuff with pave orbs from INPINK.

i love love & sunshine's carefully-thought-out coordinating linings...cute right? plus, the clutch is generously sized to fit all your essentials and can be folded over or left open (flat).
Clutch c/o Love & Sunshine

(take 30% off @ INPINK with code: EASTVSWEST)

what color do you think of as a jewel tone?
do you like navy blue?


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

navy blue it one of those color that I think look great on everyone.

Always Maylee said...

You look absolutely amazing and gorgeous! Love the skirt!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Frannie Pantz said...

Typically I'm not much for jewel tones--I think because I also associate them with greens and purples--but I LOVE navy! And you look classic in this outfit!

Shybiker said...

That's a gorgeous outfit. And thanks for telling me your location. Becks? I just realized I don't know your name. Never saw you use it anywhere and it's not on your profile or e-mail address. In my mind, I assumed it was something like Oomphelia. Becks sounds better. :-)

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

oh this looks great! I love the combos of east vs west style because for it's a chance to understand different country better!
you look stunning as always!

Inside and Outside Blog

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

sorry to interrupt Ally but I have to mention that I noticed Oomphelia and it made my day ))))

Jessica said...

I love jewel tones too. A couple of days ago I posted about my love for the color emerald!

Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

oomph. said...

haha - funny, Ally!
@Ly - made me smile, too!

RedTagChicLosAngeles said...

OMG you ladies are all rocking those fabulous jewel tones! I am also a fan of those jewel colors esp. in the Fall. Love you navy blue ensemble!


Mag KP said...

Great idea of showing different outfits. I like yours very much.

Marie said...

Love love love your outfit!! So fantastic!!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

What a fun series. There is definitely a dichotomy between East and West Coast dressing. Navy is an awesome jewel tone!

Rowena @ rolala loves

A Very Sweet Blog said...

everyone looks beautiful. love the navy and the florals.

Cel said...

Lovely outfit :) About that double-finger ring... is it difficult to do things while wearing it? Seems even typing would be a little awkward with my two fingers stuck together!

oomph. said...

Cel - i don't have a problem with this one. as long as the ring is skinny, it's not difficult to do normal things :)

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