a week of high-waisted shorts. blazer.

today i'm tucking a simple tee into these high-waisted shorts and topping it with a blazer. tucking into a high-waisted short will accentuate a short torso, so just make sure the blazer extends below the waist.

i'm gearing up for my 30k race coming up this sunday. at almost 19 miles, this will be the longest training run before the marathon. i'm already dreading this course as it ends with a hill that gave me major cramps in the first race i did in august. i can only hope that my body is better prepared now.

love & sunshine clutch; Forever 21 blazer; Paula & Chlo necklace)

in case you missed it:

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  1. High Waisted shorts are a challenge for me. I have very narrow hips but not so tiny waist so I always have to go up two sizes for high waist bottoms. So love following your week and see how you style them. Love the mint color with this outfit.

  2. I'm sorry but did you say a 19 MILE run??? OMG you are a goddess! Well done and good luck! I could never do that. Running is my nemesis. I will walk, I will bike, I will weight lift--anything but run. Love the blazer and the shorts!

  3. Good Luck with your race this Sunday.

  4. awesome look! I love the short and blazer mix so much and feel pity I lack of such weather where I live

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. good luck!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the mint color with the animal print! You are so lucky that you can still wear shorts!

  6. Love the soft mint with the edgy black booties and ripped shorts!


  7. Love your mix :3 i dont know why but i always think that mint color is difficult for me to wear :'( anyway, gud luck for your race this Sunday :x

  8. i wish i had your legs to rock those shorts!

  9. Unexpectedly chic! Love the fresh color of the blazer. :)

  10. I love how your shorts are instantly dressed up when you styled it with this fab blazer and statement necklace! Good luck with your race this weekend!

  11. Rockin outfit Becks!

  12. Great outfit, I love your use of colours too.

  13. i love high-waisted shorts and the colour of the kimono is amazing! it really suits you! good luck with the race and the marathon xx


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