a holiday dress.

it's beginning to look feel a lot like christmas with our temps dropping into the 60s this weekend. i know that's nothing for many of you, but for hawaii locals? that's freezing! i love it, because it feels like the holiday season is finally here.

so in spirit of the holiday season, i'm kicking the week off with a holiday dress. there's something about brocade prints that just feel festive. here's an idea...in the sea of reds and greens, stand out in black and white. then add festive color back into your outfit with your bag.

how do you know when the holidays are here?

rocking bobby glam triple weft hair extensions.
(Patty's Closet dress & bag;

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  1. LOve this! The pop of royal blue gives it a really nice touch ;)

  2. What a beautiful dress. And you wear it with such elan. I know the holidays have arrived when the parking lot of the mall I live near fills up. The shopping gets feverish this time of year.

  3. Lovely dress! Looks gorgeous on you Becks. Our temps are suppose to dip also.

  4. Yes, I'm starting to feel and see the Christmas spirit. I'm actually getting excited and has been going through my list of what to buy and who to buy it to =)
    I like your idea on standing out with black & white. You look great in this dress especially with the blue add-on =)


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