casual sequins. leggings.

how do you dress down dressy?
throw a sweatshirt on it. or sneakers. or both.

you don't have to save those sequins or velours for parties. i wore these sequined leggings to a christmas party a few years ago, and i always pull them out at the end of the year. it's the holiday season. it's ok to be festive even if you're just running errands. i deem grabbing peppermint lattes with friends a totally appropriate occasion for rocking the triple S...
sequins + sweats + sneaks.

what's one thing you find yourself dressing down each year.

(suburban riot sweatshirt; charlotte russe leggings (similar), nine west sneakers; metallic tattoos via oomph)

shop the look:

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stocking stuffer idea for the kids!

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  1. I agree! Love these leggings! And cute sweatshirt!

  2. So CUTE! I love how the leggings are so glam and you paired them with a casual sweatshirt!

  3. Oo-la-la!! Love that sequin-like leggings on you! I'm definitely feeling the festive season already when I see windows at shopping mall being decorated with Christmas decorations. Another one more month to go before Christmas! =)

  4. Now that's a cool way of toning it down. Will remember this!

  5. i love those sequin pants but would start a fire if i wore those. a thigh gap is def needed! ;)

  6. i love how you made sequins look so casual! that is a real talent! beautiful outfit x sporty and festive at the same time!

    i love dressing down lace and glitters!


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