wild thing.

...you make my heart sing.

my niece is obsessed with milk teas from this place, Taste Tea. it's all the rage and is jam packed with kids all the time. they have so many variations and flavors now, that it's hard to choose. i got a yogurt lemonade milk tea that was good for the first few sips. my suggestion? stick to the basics - original milk tea, or strawberry milk tea. my niece got a milk tea with a scoop of ice cream.
(NYDJ sweater; Patty's Closet pants;
JustFab boots (similar); love & sunshine bag)

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  1. Wow, your look is so bold! I had never heard about the teas you show here, they are sounding interesting :)
    Lovely greetings from Bavaria, Rena

  2. Love these pants! I also have a mild obsession with animal print, but this is such an easy way to get just the right attention.

  3. Wow! Sassy! In fact, this looks so good it doesn't seem you're wearing clothes but that you ARE an animal. The print on your legs looks real. Glad I'm not a cheetah...

  4. LOVE those leopard pants! So so cute! I'm obsessed with all things leopard print. haha! Your hair look AMAZING in these photos, by the way!

  5. Fantastic outfit!! Those pants are so fab!!

  6. Wow, great look. I'm not really a fan of leopard print but it works very well in that outfit.

  7. YAY! I always admire you when it comes to leopard outfits. :) you're such an inspiration! :)


  8. Meow! Looking hot!
    And your hair is so LONG! I'm jealous.

  9. Super cute!! OMG! My niece and nephew are obsessed with taste tea! I thought the fad would die out for them since they've been going since it opened but not yet. They too, like the ice cream one. I just get regular tea, and you're right they're menu is crazy!

  10. Those pants look great on you, wicked outfit. Do they have taro flavour? That's my favourite bubble tea flavour, it tastes like cookies and cream.

  11. those pants are wicked! looks so good on you becks.

  12. great picks, really in love with your pants but its not suitable with me :'(

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