best nail polish remover ever.

i received these Absolute nail polish remover pads way back in my november 2013 POPSUGAR must have box. i put them aside thinking they would be great for travelling and completely forgot about them.

assuming they were probably dried out, i almost tossed them. glad i didn't. not only were they still moist, but they worked really well! it claims to remove polish from all 10 nails with only one pad, and it does. in addition, it has a very light and pleasant scent that won't be offensive to others around you. i tend to do my nails late at night when others are sleeping, and this won't smell up the house. this is so easy to use...makes me wonder why i bothered with the bottle and cotton balls all these years!

have you tried nail polish remover pads?
what's your preference...liquid or pads?

you can see how thin the pads are here.
it easily removed the dark brown nail polish i had on for a while.
and again here with the pink polish.
(absolute nail polish remover pads available on amazonhere and here)

acetone free.
formulated with vitamin c & e.
pleasant smell.
easy, no fuss, no mess.
portable, convenient.

available online only (at least for me in hawaii).


  1. thats so useful since it already comes in little cotton sheets!

  2. I haven't tried these but now I want to! Thanks for the tip!

  3. they sound awesome! i used some from la fresh that i loved.

  4. I have used nail remover pads in the past and love them.


  5. I've not heard of this brand before but it sure looks great! I usually bought my nail polish remover from drugstores and it makes my nails really dry and my skin around that area too. Looks like it isn't the case for yours using this remover =D

  6. I've got to check out this brand! Love the cute packaging and I'm sick of the bottle also.

  7. Wow. I need to try these. It takes me a long time to remove polish using liquid.

  8. I totally meant to comment on this a while back. I found at Walmart elf brand pads just like this! It's awesome and CHEAP! It works great! This really makes life so much easier! :)


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