an [oomph] review. irresistible me diamond flat iron.

we always want what we don't have. as a kid, i had stick-straight asian hair. wanting curly hair, i remember trying to perm it a few times. that didn't work.

fast forward five years to intermediate school, and i now had slightly wavy hair with a bit of a frizz. now i wished it were straight. 

i've been ironing my hair ever since with either a curling iron or a flat iron. i was provided a Diamond Professional Flat Iron to review. its features and my thoughts are below.

this next-generation flat iron uses diamond hi-tech which coats its ceramic plates with crushed diamonds mixed with tourmaline. it claims to protect hair by retaining oils and moisture, and will provide longer-lasting styling against humidity and stress.

you can see the many features listed on the box above.

- adjustable temperature (up to 450 degrees F)
- super quick heat up (literally less than a minute)
- swivel cord (easy to move around)
- power/control buttons on inside (you won't accidentally turn it off or mess with heat settings)
- comfortable design (fits nicely in hand)

- auto shut off after 30 minutes. (mornings are a rush. sometimes i turn it on while doing other things to get ready. then when i'm ready to iron, i'll realize my hair is not getting flat...because it had turned off!)
- my iron doesn't close completely (there's a little gap, so you have to grab bigger sections of hair, which can take longer to straighten)
- although the plates are smooth to the touch, it doesn't glide smoothly along the hair for some reason.

before...washed and air-dried.

i don't like my hair too flat, so using a mid-range heat setting of 350, i'm able to iron out the slight waves in my hair while keeping some volume. in terms of frizz, i didn't feel that it kept my hair frizz-free longer. it is extremely humid here, and some days i felt as though my hair frizzed out as soon as i went outside.

overall, i liked the diamond flat iron and would recommend it to others. i can't say the diamond technology made my hair feel or look more shiny (compared to when using other flat irons), but it performed by straightening my hair. 

the diamond flat iron retails for $149 but is on (labor day) sale for $112!

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  1. Slightly wavy with a bit of frizz - that's me too! How I've always coveted prototypical stick straight Asian hair. I like that this flat iron adjustable has heat settings.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. I love the slick, straight look but I think my face is too fat to carry it off nicely hahaha.. so a bit of curls and waves for me is good, especially since I don't really style it much. The messy, just-outta-bed look suits me :P But you look great with both wavy and straight hair I feel!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Your hair is so pretty, it looks great any way you do it.

  4. great review and video :) i iron my hair whenever i have a bad hair day. :D


  5. the gap between plates and it not gliding smoothly bothers me :( it does have some good points, but as you said there are others out there that can do better. excellent and thorough review becks. thumbs UP.

  6. I love it.
    Kiss Carolina


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