pom pom.

it may be hurricane season, but it's still sunny and hot. i love summer, and i'm hanging on to it for dear life. thank goodness Patty's Closet is still stocked with cute rompers and shorts because it definitely isn't sweater weather...yet! coincidentally, the trim on this kimono i got a while back matched the trim on the romper.

a couple photos below from our adventures on the east side a few weeks ago. speaking of adventures...please, please be careful when you are out and about. nowadays, with [the pressure of] social media, people are pushing the limits trying to get the coolest shot. i'm guilty of this! a teen was swept off the rocks (here) by the waves a couple days ago. his body was found the next day. a few months ago, two young soldiers hiking nearby were also taken by the waves. there are signs and railings for a reason...read them and be sensible. do not underestimate the power of the ocean. a cool selfie is not worth your life.

are you hanging on to summer or embracing fall?
have you pushed the limits trying to get a cool photo?

view of rabbit island from makapu'u | east oahu
(romper & kimono c/o patty's closet; justfab shoes)

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  1. I am digging your shorter hair with purple hues as well as those booties - I must be embracing fall although I don't want summer to end just yet!

    I am so with you - safety first!! A while ago, I was horrified to read about the stupid couple who fell off the cliff taking selfies not to mention that it happened in front of their children's eyes. Can't even..

  2. This outfit is so cute, I love that sweater/jacket thing. I love cool weather so I'm happy that it's finally fall!

    1. lucky you got cool weather...still waiting for it here :)

  3. i love it! i also wore a pompom shorts and top on my last weekend trip. :)


    1. love your trips...always looks like a good time!

  4. Enjoy the warm weather while you have it.


  5. You look great. I love rompers too and cannot seem to get enough of them. The pompom trim is adorable.

  6. So cute and what a fabulous adventure. So pretty!


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