big calves + damn your bag is heavy.

in my attempts to whip mini-she (and myself) into shape this summer, we'll be doing quick runs on the sand a couple evenings a week. she's a competitive swimmer practicing five days a week, but i figured missing a couple days of practice to run
would benefit her swimming as well.
yesterday, we ran only the long straight stretch and back, taking us about 20 minutes. eventually we will work up to running the entire beach, shown by the arrows in the picture below. i guess the workout was pretty intense,
because i wanted to throw up after, haha.
anyone ever get that feeling after a good workout?
after that, we satisfied mini-he with dinner and a bubble gum.

anyways, i was tagged by baby budget blog to
share the contents of my bag.
click here to see what's in her alexander wang,
then scroll on down to see what's in my bag.

what's in my bag?

sonia rykiel lauren tote 
i'm currently back to this bag because it's super soft, lightweight (so i can add a whole lotta weight!), and i can squeeze tons of things into it.
1. magazines
2. book
3. sunglasses
4. receipts, bills, checkbook (who uses checkbooks these days?!)
5. physicians formula powder
6. clipa (gift from friend)
7. friendship bracelet strings (re-living childhood days!)
8. business / blog cards
9. blackberry - my lifeline
10. wallet (think george costanza from seinfeld)
11. miscellaneous jewelries and hair tie
12. keys, keys, more keys
13. gum
14. e.l.f. shine eraser blotting sheets
15. snacks for you'll never know when...
16. multi-colored pen from mini-she
17. favorite mac lipsticks (up the amp, dare you, lovelorn)
*i normally have a stack of napkins, but i ran out.
**i ALWAYS carry an assortment of feminine things in the side pocket of my bag...cause i never know when, for a sister in need, for the random chic in the bathroom who's in need.



  1. I wish I had a beach to run along!

  2. I love that star cuff of yours! I keep my bag pretty light, if I even carry one.. I'm kind of a pockets girl!

  3. Goodness you have a lot of stuff in your bag! Great job on the run. Next time, I think you should take a dip in the water and then run. It will cool you off while you run. :) I have had that feeling too after a hard workout. It happened today...haha! Almost Friday. Yay!!!

  4. Nice post! I love MAC lipsticks!

  5. Wow, that is a big goal to run that entire beach. What a great mommy and daughter workout though. Love it. I hope one day I am working out with my little ones. :)
    OK, so tomorrow will have to do my bag content. You do know I still carry a diaper bag so it is not going to be as fun and cool as yours. Should be interesting!

  6. Hey, what software did you use to put numbers on the photos like that?

  7. So many great pics - I'm following from the Buzz on By hop. Come visit me back!

    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

  8. love this post!! you can tell so much about a woman if you look in her bag :D

    i always have with me my phone-mp3,my diary/notebook to keep notes& check my programme,tissues,antiseptic gel,water,my lip balm,wallet..endless list!!! i have only big bags!!hihi

    kisses <3


  9. I always love those "What's in your bag" type of posts and articles, they're fun and interesting!

    I only feel like throwing up when after I push myself running, not really with any other physical activities. Guess you had a good workout!



  10. Love your sunnies! Can't wait to go to the beach :)

  11. Running on beach sand is super tiring...good for you two on your regime. It sounds sooooooooo tough!

  12. Running on the beach will whip you guys into shape in no time! (Not that you need, because you already look fabulous) =)

  13. Oh my goodness yes. I went to a spinning class once with a friend of mine two years ago back when I was still way out of shape. After we stopped, I was shaking and weak and felt like I was going to be sick. "Time to stop!" says the body.

    That's pretty impressive though, walking in sand is difficult as it is, running is even harder hah. Good for you though, I should probably get into running, or at least jogging. I just don't like being seen doing either hah.

  14. Ahhh, running on the beach sounds SO amazing! But it's definitely a workout! You go girl!

    Plus - I looove your bag! I always pack mine full to the brim with necesities.

    chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  15. Running on the beach sounds so wonderful! It's definitely more of a workout though, I played in a beach soccer competition and running through the sand sucked. I ended up breaking a couple toes because someone kicked my foot instead of the ball!
    You definitely have a lot of stuff in your bag, so do I. I carry everything but the kitchen sick in my purse! Love your bag too

  16. omg I used to chew that Orange gum all the time! lol I always feel like us ladies over carry things sometimes sigh* But you just never know when you'll need these things!

  17. Nothing better than a beach run - oh I'm so jealous! I always love seeing what's in people's bags (I'm a dork like that)!

  18. Great pictures!!! Maybe I should star running as well... i am just lazy... :D MY bag is incredibly heavy as well :D



  19. Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm your newest follower.

    Inspiring You To Save

  20. I love getting a peak into other people's bags - it satisfies the voyeur in me. And I have enjoyed the "this workout was so good I might barf" experience. It's one of a kind!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  21. Hey hun omg its been awhile.. missed you... ohhh can't wait to do a what's in your bag post! and my ass needs to get in shape in summer. You and your daughter are in such great shape! :)

  22. Dang ... I got tired just looking at the two of you working out {but I also got distracted by the fact that you have a beach so close by ... envious! :)}.

    Love that you always carry some feminine items with you ... I do the same thing and love being able to help a sister in need :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  23. Uh-oh, It may be Monday before the contents are revealed! Running in sand is HARD work.

  24. my cell phone, ipod, lip gloss, a pen, my wallet, mac powder, bubble gums, a mini umbrella... that's what i remember right now and I know i'm missing a lot of stuff!! haha


  25. thats great! i wish i had the motivation to run every day! im too lazy :P


  26. I love getting a look in your bag! Amazing stuff! And your mini-she is so grown! Look at you momma!


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