iron out the kinks.

instant gratification.
that's what i love about shopping.
when i buy something i love,
i almost always wear it the next day.
some people choose to wash their new purchases
before wearing them...not me.
i love the crispness of a brand new shirt and the stiffness
(or softness) of brand new jeans.
once washed, it's never quite the same.
only a couple things that can stop me from wearing something straight off the hanger...
wrinkles and the need for alteration.

i ordered this skirt a while ago, but it had deep creases from being folded and shipped. totally to be expected, but cause to let it sit for weeks in the closet. i finally ironed it today...only for it to get wrinkled again on the drive to work.

(top, bebe; skirt, ideeli; shoes, jessica simpson; necklace, accessory swap)
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this, on the other hand, was not to be expected.
my first experience with free people started off fabulously.
they had my size. the shipping cost was awesome.
the shipping was quick.
i was overjoyed to see this pretty pink package
in my mailbox on monday...
until i opened it.
this is straight out of the bag, literally crumpled into a ball and packed tightly in the plastic wrap.

have you ordered from them before?
tell me...was this an exception or the norm?


  1. Wow that is one wrinkled item but looks like extreme flare and very cool. I have never ordered from them before. I bet it was the result of one lazy employee in the stock room. You should report it to them if you have the time.
    The coral and pink ensemble is very pretty. Love the addition of animal print purse.

  2. Oh my! This skirt is gorgeous, wrinkles and all! Such a beautiful color and the leopard bag only makes this outfit better!

    That sucks about your wrinkled package! I hate to iron, so I would send them back just for that reason alone!

  3. Love the colors here...the pencil skirt is fabulous! My husband always takes his puchases to the dry cleaners before he wears them...but I like you...can't wait and usually wear them right away!! I am acutally doing a post on leopard tomorrow...your bag would be perfect in it!!

  4. You look so pretty and chic! Love the skirt!


  5. I totally agree.. I NEVER wash my new purchases... this is cuteee I liked how you mixed the pink with the red skirt.

    And I haven't ordered from free people yet.. can't wait to see what it looks like on ;)

  6. Yeah, I am a dirtbag and never wash my clothes before I wear them. I have even been known to shop under the influence and like what I tried on so much better than what I walked in the store in, that I will have the clerk take the tags off while the garment is on me. That crumple job is outrageous! You should send them this link. I'd be livid.




  7. You did it again! I love the same tone outfits that you've been coming up with. This coral is so beautiful on you.
    It's a shame that a company like Free People packs their shipment like that. A disgruntle worker? Well at least your order was correct.

    - AlbeeLucky.blogspot.com

  8. wow i do online shopping a lot and never actually go to the store and this is my first time seeing such! although i havent ordered from them before. I love the coral skirt and ur silk blouse th outfit is so pretty!! i think coral is ur color :D

  9. Those two color combo are always great! Love the outfit on you! And where did you get your leopard bag?

    About those wrinkles..hmm I don't think it should be that wrinkled! You should email them about that.


  10. Great outfit, love the colours and the jewellery.

  11. what?! that's crazy! i have never ordered from them, but that can't be normal.

  12. Oh lord that's a huge no no...you would think they would take care of there products.



  13. That is really wrinkled... but in their defense sometimes packages get tossed around a lot by UPS or Fedex on the journey to you. So wrinkles can be a sad side effect of that. Either way when you get the wrinkles out I'm sure it will look fabulous!


  14. Holy wrinkles batman!! That is ridiculous, I've never ordered from them so I don't know..thats odd.
    That skirt is wonderful, that sucks that it wrinkled on the way to work! I love the colour combination here and your necklace is soo great

  15. what horrid packing!! maybe they were going for the extreme wrinkled hippie 'free people' look...

    maybe not. write a letter.

    love your outfit. the accessories are amaze.

  16. I am in love with your shoes! Cute outfit.

    I am shocked that any company would ship their product like that. I don't think that's normal. You should complain or at least let the company know.

  17. Ooh, you look so crisp and fresh!
    Great colors,too....
    Yucky packing job!!!! shame on them !
    I just thrifted a maxi denim skirt with frayed hem, but those pants are too awesome1
    I love wide legs like that, never seen them in denim! off to free people.........

  18. beautiful outfit. I really like the details on that skirt! (not then wrinkles, the deets! :) ) hmmm... that's so odd that your package came in like that. I think you should contact FP and complain. That's horrible customer service.
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  19. the colors in the outfit you're wearing are beautiful. Have never ordered from Free People, but methinks someone in their shipping department needs a lesson.

  20. I love your pinky outfit! So pretty, I too buy and wear, I save that whole washing thing for after I have worn it a time or two.

    Never bought from Free People, but that looks awful, I have never even gotten eBay items in that poor of shipping conditions.

    Booooo to them :(

    xo Teresa

  21. Wow that looks really crumpled! But cute skirt!

  22. omg, i've never ordered from Free People before but that wrinkling is seriously something!! and i have a few skirts in my closet that always end up wrinkling just from a 5-minute drive to work too. so frustrating!

    cute & little
    Etta Grace giveaway!

  23. That couldn't be packaged worse if they did it on PURPOSE?! What the heck? Sorry you got taken down from your shopping high!

  24. OMG that is ridiculous - I would complain - send them the images and say you have posted on your blog ha ha - maybe that will sort it out. Did the packaging person have a bad day or what. Not what you'd expect in the mail.
    Hope you have a nice weekend though sweets,

  25. Me too gets excited everytime I purchase and waiting for a shipment.Same to you I don't wash and only iron before wearing.Pretty pink skirt very appealing and gorgeous bebe top you've got.:)

    Regarding your last purchase I just can't imagine if I'm the one who will receive that kind of package! maybe I will be disappointed!What kind of service could you call such kind?! my Gosh!

  26. Great, great outfit! Adore the colors and that leopard bag adds a nice touch. :)

    As for the package, I always get disappointed when sellers don't take time to pack their packages properly. Some sellers always think that the business ends right after they take your money. It's just sad. :( You should send them the pics. xx

  27. Wow, I can't believe that story about Free People. I actually know a blogger, Dylana of Color Me Nana who is a stylist for them and lives in Philly where they HQ. You might want to ask her about it or tell her that FP might want to take a second look at QC. Wow, that's alot of jargon. On a happier note, you look smashing if a teensy crumpled. Love love, danielle

  28. First off, you look amazing (wrinkles on the skirt or not! lol). Secondly, not the norm! I order from free people often and they NEVER send stuff like that! I would complain for sure!


  29. At this point, I give up on wrinkles and just leave them be. They want to be there. I am down with that.

    That's a pretty ridiculous and unprofessional way to package those pants though, holy crow. I sure hope that's not how they always ship things, geez.

  30. I've never ordered anything from there but I'm sorry you had a bad experience, those jeans are so wrinkled :-/!

    I love your skirt, the colour is amazing.



  31. Love your outfit today, how you combined warm colors in your shirt and skirt with leopard. Goes really well together.
    Sorry about your experience with Free People. I don't have anything from them, but their website looks nice and I would expect much better than just crumpled into a ball... In fact, I don't care if you're a big company or small that should not happen.

  32. Even wrinkly you look classy. Girl you just look good in everything and anything.
    Sorry to hear about your Free People experience. I would be super upset.

  33. i love red and leoprint together!!! you look so stunning!
    love and kiss,mary


  34. I want the exactly same thing when I shop! Plus if you don't wear what you bought right away the chances to wear it become smaller with every day...

    Gorgeous outfit! I love the way you accessorized it!



  35. thats so strange! I never would have thought the fp jeans came that way! Did you call them about it? Oh and thank you thank you for the offer about me ordering things and having them sent to you. I've just worked something out with ups though. They've agreed to hold everything for my name at willcall.

  36. That is ridiculous! It looks like a disgruntled employee went to town on those poor unsuspecting flares! That is retail assault I say!

    I would write a stern and curt e-mail...it might make you feel better!

    xo Vic

  37. I really like the two tones of orange. A very fresh take on a classic, elegant look.

  38. Love the colors of your outfit ... as a matter of fact I posted about those colors today. You look amazing and the purse does such a great contrast.
    The jeans looked like they have an unhappy employee on their staff .... the good news is that now they are in your hands and look beautiful, love the flare and wash.


  39. Those colors are amazing and makes you look full of shine :)

    See you

  40. Very beautiful skirt and whole the outfit is really gorgeous. And that's so stupid from that pants.

  41. Oh, yes! Everyone had that problem with these particular jeans. I think FP thought it would be clever. Maybe they're chaneling the 70's and how stuff was delivered back then. When I get mine in the mail, I'm sure they'll be delivered the same way. However, everything else I've ordered from FP has come well packed.


  42. I absolutely adore this color in general, but it looks particularly fantastic on you. I love it paired with the leopard print bag.

  43. I was just thinking about this more:
    When I sold cars (i know!) you NEVER bought one made on a Monday (back to work) or FridAY (CAN'T WAIT TO LEAVE AND GET DRUNK)................
    Me thinks these were packaged on a dark Friday night LOL!

  44. I love your whole outfit! Especially your skirt, shoes and bag!!! Some clothes are expected to get wrinkled immediately! It's ok!
    Most of the clothes I buy I wear them, before I wash them, but that depends on the store that I bought them and the condition they're in. Of course, some things I wash immediately after I buy them, such as underwear, swimwear, etc...

  45. Ugh I hate ironing! :[ I hope yours doesn't wrinkle as much any more. :]


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