a section of mini-she's closet is storage for old work suits. some of the skirts are too short and too tight, the jackets are loose-fitting with huge shoulder pads, and the colors and styles are just outdated. however, there are two blazers that i have been able to incorporate into my current wardrobe.
both are black; one is fitted while the
other is two sizes too big oversized.

on this morning, i went to grab the oversized one and was horrified at what i saw...silverfish had chewed the entire lining of my jacket...ick! so i resorted to this one which i much prefer, anyways. it was really hot, so i took the jacket off at work and hung it over my chair for the day.
as i was getting ready to leave, i noticed
that bear had chewed up one of the sleeves while
he was sitting under my chair.
time for some new suits.

anyone remember these? it's like eating flowers...
(jacket & pant; bebe (similar); shoes, jessica simpson (similar) (similar); bag, local boutique)


  1. Ahhhh! IN LOVE!

    This whole outfit is too fierce. I can't handle it. You're too much for me =)

    Thanks for sharing, love!



  2. amazing outfit! thank you for bringing a smile to my face with the violet candy...i also remember having it in the gum version it reminds me of time in hawaii with my beautiful grandma...

  3. A well fitted suit is timeless. I love the pants of this one. I wish you had a close up of your necklace. I bet it's stunning.

    xo- AlbeeLucky.blogspot.com

  4. i see ladies suiting up lately. would love to try it! :)

    anyhoo, i love the accent of your necklace and leopard bag.


  5. You look so sophisticated and stunning. Love this outfit


  6. Aw man! Well, at least you got some more wear out of it because this blazer is amazing. I love this suit look!

  7. I store very similar clothing in my kids' closets as well.
    That is too bad about the damage. You know what else I noticed on the boots I was storing is mold! And it won't come off. There goes leather boots.
    Love the animal print tote.

  8. oh my gosh I had no idea what this was and then I clicked on the link. This is gross and I would love to know how to avoid or kill them! Please tell me!!

  9. This is something corporate, love it. Happy Friday! :)

  10. love the jewellary and your bag. :)

  11. You look so good in this suit! And I loved the leopard bag and your jewellery.

  12. This is a great power suit! Love the jacket with the loops for the buttons. The leopard bag rocks too!

  13. Haha, talk about bad luck with things eating up your clothes. Silverfish are SO gross, I lived in an apartment where they liked to hang out in my shower ugh.

  14. lol, I use part of my son's closet for my work suites... (or what used to be my work suites).
    Sorry about the silverfish. What do you use to get rid of it? I use cedar balls.... I think it works and doesn't stink! I actually love the smell of cedar.

  15. When we were visiting my family in New Orleans last month, my Little Guy came up to me and his breath smelled oddly of flowers. I looked to my older brother who loves that violet candy and said "Did you feed him one of your flower candies?!?" =)

    Sorry about your suits!! That's terrible. =( But lucky you, getting to take your puppy to work! That must be fun!

  16. Oh man, it stinks when things get destroyed (I was cleaning my hubby's closet out a few months ago and one of his cashmere sweaters had moth holes all in it - I was so MAD). One of my suits (a Theory suit no less, I got it at the outlet, but still) was destroyed when the pipe in the apartment above mine exploded and rained down all this rusty water on my clothes, bags and shoes. This was when I lived in NY in an old building. I had to throw Prada shoes away. It was a dark time. That's when I switched to plastic shoe boxes to store my shoes.

  17. Ahh I hate it when clothes get wrecked by being in storage or silly puppies (luckily my pup leaves my clothes alone, hes a much bigger fan of socks, and underwear ugh)
    I love the blazer, and idea of the suit. So awesome with the leopard print bag!!

  18. LOVING your outfit. I'm sooo into flares and you wear them so well. You seriously look like you're 5'9 or something. :D

    Also, my waist size is 25 and don't worry about the length, I'll figure something out.
    Let me know if you have any of those flared vintage jeans for meee! [I am skinny with a flat butt :(]

  19. omg. when I read "silverfish" I literally cringed, and the hairs on my back stood up. I LOATHE those detestable insects. When I was in undergrad, our apartment had loads of them EVERYWHERE. Like they even got in the sugar. It was disgusting, and I remember crying when I called campus maintenance and pest control.

    On to MUCH nicer things...

    Love the button details of that blazer. And those trousers are amazing on you!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  20. Too bad the silverfish ruined the other blazer! But this one is lovely :) x

  21. Love that suit jacket with those beautiful buttonholes!

  22. You look fantastic!


  23. Lol dam bugs and dog! My cat ruins everything with her claws! Love the look though!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  24. oh no, your poor suits! i've seen some silverfish in our yard. i had no idea they eat fabric!! yikes.

  25. Nice print on your bag.
    Thanks for comment me.
    Love from armarioenduddas :)

  26. Bummer about your blazers :( I hope you can find some good replacements. I love all the bracelets on your wrist. That makes your traditional outfit so fun.

    <3 Rachel
    dress ups and mess ups

  27. Yes..the blazer thing!! looking good and I like the military vibe of this one with the button holes ..cute!

    xo Lisa

  28. haha, love hearing your story!! well suited today, love the flare in the pants!!

  29. Those pants make your legs look miles long! And must I comment on that leopard bag? You know it's the bees knees!!!


    P.S., oh god, silverfish...ugh...that happened to me once and I was grossed out for a week. Didn't go in that closet for a week either...don't do bugs..

  30. Wow, you look fabulous in this outfit!! And thanks for inviting me ;d.

  31. i'm craving animal print and blazer thanks to you! haha you look amazing!!



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