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This post brought to you by Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

although our weather and lifestyle is casual here, there still is a need to look professional in the workplace. in the past, i worked in a semi-corporate environment and had a closet full of suits. i also attended a business school in which business attire was required. i have since streamlined my work wardrobe but always have these essential items:

a full length pant
a pencil skirt
a jacket/blazer
a silky blouse
a pump

endless suit combinations can be created using the jacket and pant (or skirt) + a blouse and a good shoe.
basic black is always a good investment, however,
there are many colors available today.
i have always raved about my express denim flares, and because of its great quality and fit, i am turning to Express for my suits as well. their signature stretch fabrics are form-fitting, but not tight, and keep its shape wash after wash. since i already have black, i'm looking to go bold with their ultimate double weave jacket and columnist pant in red.
and after work? a pretty blouse minus the jacket takes business to dressy casual for an evening of cocktails.

want to update your work wardrobe?

express is giving away a $500 suiting makeover!
enter the Express sweepstakes here.

tell me about your ideal suit combination and
where you would wear it.

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  1. Wow, that is one sharp dress =0

    Definitely a powerful look. Very authoritative.

  2. I LOVE the red suit and many of my thrifties are from Limited!
    My go-to power suit is a black jacket, pin-striped wide leg pants, a tight-fitting white tee and a POW! scarf and of course pumps....
    I keep the jewelry to simple hoops or diamond studs. Sometimes I throw in a long chain necklace or brooch.
    Off to enter!

  3. Im so in red now, love it


  4. That's a great looking suit oomph! And I so agree, that it's important to have at least one great suit. The color combinations are endless. I have basic black, chocolate and camel combinations. You can always mix and match. Thanks for giving the sweepstakes link. ((HUG))
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  5. that suit is simply amazing! so powerful and sleek! :)


  6. you're so right that you can stick with those pieces and really just switch them around. very versatile. i love that red suit, so gorgeous. i used to always buy the editor pants from Express. they have cute stuff at a reasonable price. i guess you could even wear one of those suits to a wedding!


  7. Pretty. I love the clean lines of a pencil skirt and blazer. The red suit looks absolutely stunning.

  8. The red suit is sassy, but sophisticated! Its got the wow factor for sure!

  9. I have a really plain black suit I bought at Express about 4 years ago, when I graduated from college. I've worked at the same place ever since, so I haven't worn it again!

  10. I have 5 suits but none are red, I work in the Finance industry so this would be a bit much but I think a red suit is awesome!

  11. Love love love express suits! I was just looking for one myself!
    XO Carrie

  12. read is such a great color. and totally perfect for Fall! love that suit!

    kisses from kaitlin

  13. i lovee the prettyy colour!! :)

  14. Love the idea !!

  15. LOVE this suit! So sleek and absolutely fabulous! Love the red!!


  16. Express has some great suited looks. I have shopped there before for work stuff. I have to dress up pretty professionally (always with a fashionista twist, though!) for work, so I totally get it.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. I'm just so not a suit girl. I still feel like a kid in grownup's clothing if I wear one. And considering I don't wear pants either well, haha.

  18. I love suits although I don't have much occassion to wear them. I have always wanted to wear a sexy men's tuxedo inspired suit to a fancy party- maybe a New Year's Eve event!

    Liv @ bklynlifestyle.blogspot.com

  19. I love their business clothes! I like that they look professional but still feminine, because I hate having to dress like a boy.

  20. Love a suit and love making it feel "new" each time and mixing the pieces with other things!


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