haste makes waste.

the idea of this opaque blouse with sheer sleeves was perfect.
i love to wear fur vests over pretty blouses, and being able to eliminate one extra layer of underthings is always a plus with our warm weather. even though it was several sizes too big,
it was the last one on the rack,
so i grabbed it thinking i could make it work.
months later, it has found a permanent spot in the back of my closet. the shoulders hang six inches off my shoulder and look funny peeking out from under a vest, and the sleeves are irritatingly too long.
such a shame...this one may have to go to the marketplace.
email me if you're interested.

do you make hasty purchases?

and so it begins...halloween candies have hit the office.
(blouse, f21 (similar)(similar); skirt, ideeli (red)(orange);
shoes, nine west (similar)(similar))
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october 1-15, 2011
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  1. I love your nude heels with your outfit, you look lovely!

  2. I've totally done that before!!! Buy something way too big swear to wear it and then don't! Love the way you paired it though! Somehow you make it work perfectly!!

    xo Jackie

  3. This outfit is perfection! Love the combination of the two colors! Love your style <3


  4. Nice of outfit, I'm loving the color block!

  5. I've been taking it slow with halloween candy so far- I bought some halloween themed marshmallows and one reeses, but thats it. I can't wait to get candy corn but I don't want to spoil it too early!

  6. I hate when something is too big or too small! Love your coral skirt oomph! :D Love how it scallops in the front and COLOR! NICE!!! :D Your office has GOOD halloween candy! Someone in ours keeps bringing the CHEAP-O stuff! HAHAHAHAHA :D Hug girl you look great!

  7. LOve that top with that skirt. Great combo!
    <3 Kastles

  8. I don't know girl, you totally look like you're making this top work, especially with the bright skirt! I do that all the time. I wear a size small and sometimes grab an XS (without trying it on) thinking "it might be a little tight" and I can't even get it on my body. LOL I think we've all done it.

  9. OOoo the 6" overhang on the shoulder? Damn..... There are a few remedies like the under a blazer or a cardigan but all you'll be thinking ALL day is OMG does my arm look bulky under this blazer/cardigan? Hopefully a nice reader will come and take this off your hands!

  10. I am usually the opposite.. I agonize forever about everything and then I usually end up not getting something and regretting it later. :)

    p.s. I was on Oahu on the 22+23 of last month before we flew to the big island. I wish I had had more time there because I have always wanted to have a blogger date! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place :) Maybe I will make it back there someday!

  11. This breezy blouse is gorgeous, I love the little polka dots all over it and it's such a gorgeous colour!! Looks really great with that colour skirt, and I can imagine it'd be awesome with a fur vest :)

  12. this blouse is so pretty on you! i love the pattern and the sheerness of it! you are amazing at putting together pieces!

    i make hasty purchases ALL THE TIME! it's terrible. mostly because i'm with the kiddos and i'll just buy things, take them home and try them on there!


  13. oh ya, i have done that before. i try not to make those hasty purchases, but sometime it just happens. having said that, the blouse looks absolutely amazing on you. and , how do you get those toned legs. :0


  14. awwn its such a pretty blouse, too bad its too big :( i love how u paired it with the coral skirt tho :)

  15. Sadly I have made hasty purchases. Of what - I can't think of anything specific at this time - which makes it even worse - LOL!

    Love the color of your skirt!!

  16. Ahhh you look soo pretty! Love your top and skirt together :)

    I don't really have that much hasty purchases just purchases that are collecting dust... ughhhh. Too much clothes and impulse purchases will do that to you.

  17. It's beautiful but indeed really big. Such a shame. Love your skirt and your belt though! :)

  18. I think you have worked with the blouse really well. Love the colour of the skirt x

  19. Even though it may be too big, you made it look great! The color of the blouse and skirt really looks beautiful!

  20. Perhaps your best look ever!

  21. Yeah, the sheer sleeves is actually a very nice touch! Gives the blouse more visual interest! Loving the color of that skirt!


  22. The color and print are lovely... it's really too bad that it's so huge on you! :( I'd suggest taking it in, but that also means taking in the sleeves, which is a pain in the ass. :(
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  23. I've done that before, it looks amazing on you, but if it just irritates you then it should go. I love the color combo of the shirt and skirt!

  24. Great color combo, the shirt looks great. I used to make hasty purchases (and sometimes I still do) but I'm getting better at thinking about it first.

  25. Fabulous as always! I love your style!



  26. I think you make it work here, but if you don't love it then you don't I used to make hasty purchases, but most of the time now I think a lot about it first before buying it just because I end up getting rid of lots of things.

    <3 Rachel

  27. yes, indeed all the time,haha!!i love the color of the blouse, great matching with red, it does seems little hanging out there, lovely shoes too!!

  28. very cute outfit! i would never have noticed the sleeves. and yea, unfortunately, i make hasty decisions all the time. i'm trying to lean towards more classic pieces now

  29. I love everything about this outfit and you are so gorgeous!


  30. love the blue and orange combo :)

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  31. Yes! I do it all the time. And if I can't find a way to make it work, I end up passing it on to my sis or my mom or a friend...

    All that being said, I think the big blousy look of the top looks really pretty with the little pencil skirt!

  32. you look gorgeous!! LOVE that blouse!



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