home sweet home.

hello...i've missed you!
boy, what an exhausting trip. we were constantly on our feet from 6am - 9pm, three days straight, and the constant downpours made our trip challenging in so many ways. i actually had to extend my trip one more day, plus, i was supposed to fly back again tomorrow. luckily someone else is able to go. i never thought this would be possible, but i maxxxed out my 8GB memory card, and i'm now left with the task of sorting and filing 3,000+ photos taken among three cameras.
i must say the worst part of the trip wasn't the rain, but the security checkpoint on the return home. to make things easy, i take off all my jewelry beforehand and put it in my bag. i got stuck in the lane with the full body scanner...which i passed. but, my bags didn't. so, i got an additional pat down and a bag search due to some "strange" objects they detected.
guess what it was??
my friggen la dama (ysl arty inspired) ring,
and f21 pyramid bracelets.
maybe the scanner was smart enough to detect a knock off, hehe.

anyways, i hope to catch up with all of you this week.
anything exciting happen while i was away?

we were treated to lunch and dinner here...
lunch: grilled ham and cheese with tomato bisque
dinner: parmesan crusted ono with asparagus
delicious food and drinks with amazing views of the golf course.
(vest, old navy (buy); sweater, express (similar);
leather shorts (similar)(faux), urban outfitters; bracelets via oomph;
shoes, victoria's secret (similar); bag, nine west (gift))


  1. Theres a quote that basically says that you should travel to appreciate home more, or something like that. Its often how I feel when I get home from a trip!

  2. i'm totally in love with that little sparkle bag. its so perfect for a fun night out.
    cute cute cute

    xoxo katlin

  3. Awww... cute bag. its small but its an eye catching because of its sparks. :)

    Cute outfit as always! :)


  4. I am absolutely loving those leather shorts with this vest. Such a wonderful combination!! I'm sorry the airport was such a hassle and it rained a lot, but you got tons of pictures which is good!

  5. Welcome back Oomph! We missed you girls. I hate SECURITY! HATE HATE HATE So I feel your pain. Loving those leather shorts and vest girl! One of my readers was sporting a green one and it looked very cool. Loving that sequin leopard bag...pure awesomeness!

  6. So glad your back :) And I am so not excited to fly because I just know that I'd get stuck with the pat downs and random baggage check. That kind of thing happens to me too often!

  7. airports are turning into such a big hassle! glad to see you didnt get sick from all the rain. i still have a cough! :(

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  8. So glad you're back! I am sorry about all the hassle. Maybe their detector is extra sensitive to awesome accessories!

    Speaking of awesome, what a great comeback outfit! I love the leather shorts (I want some so bad!) and fun leopard pumps!

  9. Cute outfit! ah! I love your heels!

  10. Love this post and also your blog!I just become your follower now! i hope you come back and you'll do the same! ;-)
    i wait for you! ;-)

  11. Welcome back LOVE! :) Still looking gorgeous as ever, I see. The leather shorts are HOT! Hubby got me a pair a couple weeks ago, but I have yet to wear them. They're super rad and high-waisted too. Fun!

    xx Love & Aloha

  12. Glad you're back! I'm also away for my blog for a time.well, kid's semestral break and hubby's vacation. Now back to the real world!:)

    Love the color of your pout and the bag looks amazing!

  13. I would be glad to be home too! I get quite home sick. Love this look! you always look amazing!!

    Love, Vanilla

  14. Welcome back. I'm pretty sure I get more nervous about the airport than the actual flying haha. Cute vest.

  15. super cute outfit - love the shorts! x

  16. Welcome back! Love your bag, it's freaking cute. The whole look really. Vest and leather shorts look great together.

  17. Oh no, I hate the thought of setting of all the alarms and being patted down in the airport!!
    Welcome home!! It's a shame it was rainy. I hope you still have fun.

    This outfit is gorgeous, I love the black and camel together.
    Amy xxx

  18. Glad you are home safe! The animal prints here are the perfect pop for this outfit!

  19. cute bag! and love your shoes! xoooo

  20. Glad you are back! You look fabulous and gorgeous as always :)

  21. you look so pretty!!
    i love your accessories they are so stylish!!

    kisses dear !!

    i ve been so busy with my studies lately i havent seen much at my pc :(

  22. I most definitely HATE going through checkpoints. Not that I don't pass or anything, it just makes looking nice while flying a hassle. When I went to Mexico with a couple other people, my bff kept on getting stopped no matter where we flew from. They stopped him for the bread he was carrying, the chess set he bought, and even the stuff he got from Duty Free. Ridiculous.

    Love those faux leather shorts!

    ♥ laura
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  23. very nice outfit and cute shoes:)

  24. Welcome back! Loving the hair, the lip color and that adorable little bag!


  25. Ugh, flying these days is one giant suckfest. Welcome back, we missed you!

  26. cute outfit! ;-)
    Nice blog!
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  27. It's good to have you back! We missed you too! :)
    I had some problems with the airport security too, when I was returning from Paris a few years ago. But it had to do with some of the few cosmetics I had on my bag.
    Really nice outfit! I adore your leopard pumps, and leather shorts.

  28. Welcome back sweets, glad you made it home! Love your vest with those shorts!

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  29. You look so pretty. I love your shorts and handbag.

    Security checkpoints are the worst.

  30. Such a lovely leather short and cute shoes! You look perfect! thanks!


  31. oooo leopard shoes! must have!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  32. glad you had a great trip and took lots of pictures!!!

    love the look. the black, surplus vest with the animal print is so good together!


  33. Well, I'm glad you made it back, anyway. I hate security at airports...I always dress down more than I want to just to avoid the hassle :)

    Love that bag!

  34. I lover the blACK, TAN AND LEOPARD. Classic.

    Love from Oregon USA,

    danielle celeste


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