rear pouches.

this morning's [12 days of christmas] gifts were bittersweet. mini-he loves gum; he asks for a piece everyday when i pick him up from school. so he got an old fashioned gumball machine. mini-she got a package of gumballs. can't have one without the other...thus, sharing is in order. i taped two coins to each of their gifts so they could test it out and have a piece of gum in the morning and save the other coin for after school. mini-he was happily chewing his gum while playing with the gumball machine. i heard him shaking it, but i didn't really think anything of it. well he shook it so hard that the glass broke. it was a shattered glass + gumball mess. he was really disappointed, but it was a lesson learned.

this skirt was bittersweet, too. love the stripes, love the color, hate the saggy butt imprints. if you have tips for preventing this, i'm all ears.
(sorry for the bad pictures. mini-she's school finals, school and office party preparations, trips to the malls, gift exchanges, and rainy weather
have left no time for pictures this week!)

perfect balance of salty and sweet.
(top, express (similar); skirt, nordstrom (similar); belt, gucci (old);
shoes, michael michael kors)

did you enter the christmas giveaway yet?


  1. Oh that is a beautiful skirt! I love the color. A gumball machine sounds like such a cute gift! :)


  2. i love the skirt!! i have one that does that, its the material i wear spanks or tight shorts inside to help

  3. that belt is so glamorous i love it.
    and of course strips...well they are always the best!

    xoxo katlin

  4. you are so sweet and creative to buy the gumball machine! Too bad it broke, but it was still a nice gift! I remember getting one one christmas and we LOVED it!

  5. The skirt is so pretty. hmm I've never worn that kind of skirt so I have no tips.

  6. Great skirt! I wish I knew how to fix the imprints too, I'll have to try Oreleona's tip.

  7. Ohh I hate when skirts do that too!! It's so bizarre. It's such a beautiful skirt too, such great stripes and colour. Maybe just wear a really love cardigan with it next time?
    Thats sad he broke the gumball machine, kids can play so rough sometimes. It's cute you made them share though :)

  8. I love the side look of your ponytail! If only mine turned out the same, that would be fantastic. Haha
    Really loving the bracelets and those shoes!


  9. The gumball machine was such a perfect idea! What a bummer that it broke so easily though :(
    And you look stunning... as always!

  10. Pish posh, your photos look great as does this skirt on you. The gumball idea is GEEEEENIUS! My kids love gum too and the sharing aspect is perfect. Sorry to hear of the tragedy, but at least it was a great idea!

  11. nice outfit! I love the combination of black and purple.

  12. This look is so chic ! I love it, the shoes are amazing !!!
    Have a beautiful christmas !!

  13. Loving the skirt. I was wondering if you have received the prize you won for my blog give away? I posted it about two weeks ago.

  14. What a bummer about the saggy butt thing because that skirt is really great. Love the idea of a gumball machine. We need one of those!

  15. My son does the same exact thing! Everyday when I pick him up he asks for a piece of gum... EVERYDAY! Heehee - maybe I should go grab him a gumball machine for a last minute Christmas gift. He would get a kick out of it I'm sure. Good thinking on the "sharing" gift too! Total bummer the glass broke though... Hopefully leason learned!

    Really like your outfit here. I love the neck of your shirt.

    Can't help with the butt imprints... Maybe some starch if you iron it?

    - Justine

  16. Bummer about the gumball machine, but lesson learned indeed. You'd think I'd know this lesson by now too considering I shattered a huge glass jar on my tile floor on Sunday? Nah, shattered a glass spice jar on the tiles last night only moments after thinking "that jar looks precariously perched, I should move it just in case" and then didn't, d'oh. Those chocolates look and sound awesome...

  17. LOVE this outfit! I´m obsessed with stripes and your skirt looks fantastic! And I love all your bracelets :)
    I´ve just discovered your lovely blog and I love it! I´m happy to be your new follower :)

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  18. Thanks for the laugh and I know what you mean. Not sure why that weird pouch happens :( I do like the color of the skirt though :)


  19. The skirt looks great but I can definitely relate to finding one frustrating part of an item that you love!!! I hope someone has a good solution I'd love to hear it!

    xo Jackie

  20. aw thats a shame the gum ball machine broke! i hate that about skirts sometimes, if you ever get a tip send it my way, i've been avoiding them. You look fab for all that youve been up to even for rainy weather i just love your accessories & shoes!


  21. you look amazing!!! and i just entered

  22. Love the outfit! I also like your blog so I'm a new follower on bloglovin =)

  23. nice gift!! too bad it broke..
    love the skirt! it looks lovely on you! i love the colors! don't worry about the suggy but imprints:p is not that bad anyways!:P

  24. i loved the fitting of the skirt you look amazing!

  25. I love this outfit. Purple is a lovely color on you! UGH I have no idea how to get rid of butt imprints... I think my problem is having too much butt. hahahaha.

    And what a cute idea for a present for both mini-he and mini-she. That's too bad it broke! :(

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  26. Aww but I loved this skirt! The color, the stripes, are amazing. But it can be annoying.

  27. Sorry to hear about the broken glass. That happened to me, I was so sad and mad but yes I did learned my lesson. Hope he is over that.
    I see what you mean with the skirt but other than that You look great as usual, I love, love, love the accessories.
    Very cute outfit. don't pay attention to the skirt its such a cute outfit that that by itself doesn't manage to ruin it.

  28. Omg I adore this outfit! You are the epitome of gorgeous chic! Love love those shoes. Have a wonderful holiday!


  29. Aww, too bad the gumball machine broke! What a cute gift idea.

  30. Hey Oomph! Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award in my post tonight!

  31. Same thing has happened to us last year. My son loves gum so I bought him an authentic gumball machine and something happened with my in laws and the glass broke and it was end of that.
    Sorry about the skirt. I have not seen that problem before. Hope you get some tips.
    I can totally see you in my friend's haircut but I like your current long hair!

  32. You had me at sea salt caramels!
    You're adorable. Butt imprints and all.

  33. really, really great outfit. especially the skirt and shoes. you look beautiful. love j.

  34. What a bummer about the skirt because other than that one issue, it looks really great on you. I love this whole outfit, especially those rockin shoes! I have no idea how to prevent that.. I think some fabrics are just difficult that way ;[

  35. Amazing outfit. The skirt is so chic and the shoes are to die for.

  36. I quite like the skirt. Not a common one! Lovely.



  37. YOU look SO CUTE girl! I love this outfit on you. Don't know how to get rid of that, but you look great. Purple looks great on you. And if you can sport stripes, that says a lot! Work it girl!!! :D Gosh I remember my 1st bubblegum machine. I think I broke mine too. LOL

  38. Aw I'm so sorry! A gumball machine sounds like such a wonderful gift too. Maybe they make plastic ones :) Also a slip coule possibly help with the butt prints, but honestly I have no idea! PS: those dark chocolate sea salt caramels look delicious and I love that skirt.

  39. Gorgeous skirt, the color is amazing! I don't have a good solution to the bagging problem, but like everyone seems to be saying, a slip might help.

  40. those candies look delish!!! loving that skirt, though i see your annoying problem. doubt anyone would notice though i always notice things on myself too!!! loving the accessories.



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