snap crackle pop.

thanks to my niece, i was finally able to try crackle polish.
this stuff is amazeballs and the concept genius. even though you have to wait longer for the layers to dry, you make up time by not having to be precise. just slap it on and
let the polish do its magic.

can't seem to get these butterflies out of my stomach. maybe it's the stress of the holidays as i'm always worried the shopping, wrapping and delivering won't get done in time. we also have a high-stress household this year with my dad's health in question and mini-he's uber terrible-threes phase. hope i don't snap under pressure. but maybe it's the excitement of the holidays and the upcoming get togethers with family and friends and the constant sugar high. in which case, don't pop my bubble!

do the holidays stress you out?

the prettiest tray of mochi...
...this one is filled with haupia (coconut pudding).
(pants, pacsun (buy); sweater, old navy (similar); shoes, nine west)
same black pants worn here.


  1. those pants looks so comfy and they are so totally amazing.
    i love that oversized clutch!

    xoxo katlin

  2. The crackle polish is perfect with the pattern on the pants! Loving the necklace!

  3. I got to try out the crackle polish this week too! Love it!

    Your shoes are gorgeous!

    - Justine

  4. amazing clutch!


  5. I love the sweater! :D

    &Yes, the holidays stress me out so badly! I want to please everyone with there gifts, yet money is stretched pretty tight. :(

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday though, don't let the stress get in the way of enjoying the holiday's! :D

  6. awhhh lawwwd, I want all that mochi! I haven't had decent ones in a while now, and I'm just craving the ones with sesame seeds and matcha filling!

    I love the combo of teal and the black crackle on your nails! Don't stress out too much-- remember to take some time just for yourself to chill :)

  7. Oh I hope it's just excitement, but I also hope that everything goes well with your father and mini-he. you look amazing in these pants and hopefully that will calm your nerves! Only a week or so to go, try to relax and enjoy!

  8. I still haven't tried the new crackle polish, I remember the original crackle polish by cover girl in the 90's. You still look amazingly chic under all the stress. Wishing you lots of calm :)

  9. Nice pants!!! :)

    I love the crackle polish, I have pink and purple :)

    Nice day! :)

  10. Smart accessorizing. I love the repeated circle shapes.

  11. By the way, did you get the package I sent to you?

  12. Your pants are the bomb! Love the pattern. We have your bracelet in necklace form, it's a favorite of ours. The crackle nail polish didn't work for us when we tried it, maybe we didn't let it dry long enough? The holidays kind of stress us out too, hopefully you will hold up under the pressure :)

    Heather & Kayla

  13. I love holidays but I can imagine why they can stress you out.
    Really nice outfit, and the crackle manicure is fantastic. I've used it too in the past.

  14. Aww I'm sure everything will work itself out, and your holidays will be good!! They are stressful, but I can imagine moreso when you're a mum. I just worry about how I can barely afford to buy things for everyone :(
    I really love these pants, they look soo comfy and are so chic. Really great with that sweater!

  15. You look so awesome, dear! Love your blog))
    I'm a new follower!))
    Maybe we can follow each other with Google Connect and Bloglovin'?


  16. I love crackle polish, I wish I had it in every colour. It looks awesome layered over blue like that! And that blue bracelet is so cool too. I really don't stress too much over the holidays. I don't see myself as obligated to give people gifts and since I don't host any holiday parties or even decorate my apartment, it usually goes by smoothly enough. The only hiccups involve getting my butt the 5 hours back to my home town to be with my family, but that's been solved.

  17. There's a party on your pants, and it's FABULOUS.

  18. Love your nails! I do get stressed this time of year but it's SO worth it when everyone is together having great times :)

    Love, Vanilla

  19. I can only wish for a stress free holiday. Is that even possible?

  20. I love crackle polish! Hope you hold up ok till all this is over!
    I wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award:

  21. That nail polish is the best, I love the way it makes any outfit funky! XOXO

  22. I love crackle polish!!! You'll become obsessed! & Love that you're wearing the bracelet!!! It looks great with your outfit!

    xo Jackie
    SHOP mark. Fashion & Beauty this Holiday Season!

  23. You don't have to stress yourself out.. it's supposed to be a happy time :)

  24. I tried crackle too recently and loved it as well!

  25. Love the nails, its definitely worth the wait. Beautiful pants, also adoring your clutch.


  26. The only mochi I ever had looked nothing like that! I bought a refrigerated package and baked it at home... it was good but not so pretty!

  27. Oomph this outfit is truly amazing girl. I want all of it! HAHAHA I can't help staring at your shoes. I've found myself to be a little stressed this week. That's why I'm late commenting. HAHA There's just so much to do.

  28. well honey if youre stressed youre lookin fab! dont worry its the holidays! i love the pants w/ the chunky sweater, i hope you get all your shopping done & enjoy all the festivities :)


  29. My husband was so excited when I showed him your pictures of mochi and huapia. He said that next time we're in Hawaii, we'll meet you at Libby's ;)
    xo Jac

  30. Ohhh wee....I need this ENTIRE outfit....including accessories! Super cute!!!

  31. soooo loving this outfit. you are rockin' those pants and of course your accessories are perfection!



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