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i came across these cards in a recent issue of martha stewart and was attracted to its handsome packaging. there's something appealing about the simplicity of things wrapped in brown paper, don't you think? but more importantly, this eco edition deck, made from sustainable forest papers and vegetable inks, is fully recyclable from the cards to the case. a fun way to go green and a great gift idea for those eco-conscious friends.

we love to play cards around here...frustration, speed, rummy, crazy eights, poker, solitaire...you name it, we play it. not only is it fun, but it's a great way to keep your brain healthy and active. engaging in card games, crosswords, and other puzzles stimulates the mind, helps it to function properly, and even wards off illnesses like alzheimer's disease.

$4.99 for a single deck.
buy here.


  1. Cool, I used to be a fan of playing cards, but now I'm too lazy :)

    See you!

  2. Nice one! We like playing cards too. These sound like a nice deck to have.


  3. how cute. i love that they are eco! and the packaging is amazing you are definitely right there!
    love cards

    xoxo katlin

  4. Very nice! :)

  5. Maaan, this made me miss playing cards with my fam bam.

  6. Those cards are lovely. Crazy 8's is one of my favourite games ever :) x

  7. They're so pretty and yes love the simplicity of them too.

    <3 Marina

  8. My girlfriends and I would play speed all throughout our lunch hour in high school... I haven't played in ages. I really love card games though and I play with my grandparents a lot nowadays.


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