ballroom dancin.

last month i talked about my collection of party dresses. here's one from the bunch, and luckily i was able to barely zip this one up. i'm not even sure i wore this one out, but i love
the feel of it. makes me feel like i should be
dancing with the stars. haha.

true story. my mom and i took ballroom dancing lessons years ago, way before all these dance shows popped up. since we wanted to go together, we signed up for a "couples" lesson....meaning we had to share one instructor. pretty awkward having to take turns. then every friday they had a dance night where you could come and practice your dancing with other students. nowadays, with all the popular dance shows on tv, there's a much younger generation showing interest in ballroom dancing. back then?
not so much. and being asked to dance by grandpas?
now that's pretty awkward.

have you tried ballroom dancing?

continuing on with the weekend photos, saturday was girls'
night out at a restaurant where everything is $3.90.
great atmosphere, friendly staff, and good food and drinks.
yuzu cyu-high (some kind of alcoholic beverage that
tasted like lemon-lime soda) and hot tea.
fried musubi & soup.
(dress, armani exchange)

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  1. That dress looks great on you; I love that last photo.

    I've never tried ballroom dancing. I've always wanted to, but I'm so tall I'm afraid I won't find a tall enough partner.

  2. what a lovely dress, and the flower is fun too. I love your last photo with the swinging skirt!

  3. SO pretty! Love that dress. Can't believe you've never worn it.
    And no, I've never taken ballroom dance lessons...for the exact reason you describe! HA.

  4. Oh, I love the flounce on this skirt.

  5. This dress looks so awesome on you and definitely perfect for dancing in. Love the bottom part of it!! It's so fun to dress up even when you're not going out

  6. hot lady :) haha I'm sure you get asked to dance from someone a little less "grandpa" nowadays

    thanks for checking us out!


  7. aaaaaaa your heels are fantastic!! love them!

  8. Pretty! I would love to try ballroom dancing one day and show grandpa how good I am. :D Lovely, I've got one thing added to my to-learn list now.

  9. Beautiful dress :) I love your shoes too! :)

    Love, Rachel

  10. Never tried ballroom dancing, but your dress is really pretty. I also like your shoes


  11. this skirt is perfect <3

  12. That skirt looks so fabulous on you!

  13. Very dancing with a stars outfit indeed! But I loved it! I don't know ballroom dances, but I would love to learn. I'm thinking of taking latin dance lessons next year. We'll see.

  14. Looks like salsa night to me! When we going, haha. I took ballroom dance in high school, but forgot everything. Though you may have been uncomfortable dancing with grandpas, I bet you made their day!

  15. This dress is gorgeous on you Rebecca--glad it's back from the depths of your closet! I love the black, the subtle detail and the swingy hem! You look lovely! And how fun to take a ballroom dancing class with your mom!

  16. This would be an ideal dress for ballroom!!! My man and I go swing dancing sometimes and have been wanting to branch out a little into ballroom. We're taking a class next week actually...but we love swing so much I think it'll always be the fav.

    <3 Cambria

  17. omg this dress is ADORABLE!!! & those shoes...i'm obsessed!

    xo Jackie

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  19. Great dress and shoes! The flower in your hair is the perfect finishing touch. Never tried ballroom dancing, but it seems like so much fun (and a great workout).

  20. Oh my gosh my Mom amd I used to watch all the competitive ballroom dancing shows on PBS back in the day. It was so much fun. I wanted to try to do it but never did. Oh well, I think that ship may have sailed - lol! That dress is gorgeous!

  21. Gorgeous dressss.

  22. very pretty dress! i love it! girl, i was going to take various lessons (salsa, ballroom etc). they gave me a practice run, talked about all the parties they were going to have etc. then they gave me the price. it was like a car note! hahaha i ran outta that place and yep bought a car! hahaha

  23. That’s so sweet! Mother and daughter, together, attending the dancing class! That’s what I’ve been suggesting to my wife to do with our daughter too, but she’s busy working, that’s why I was the one accompanying our little girl on her dance class. It feels good to see your daughter learn new steps every day.

    -Tyson Sieger

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