the perfect job.

(found this while going thru some old emails)

my first job was working in an orange juice factory,
but i got canned...couldn't concentrate.
then i worked in the woods as a lumberjack,
but i just couldn't hack it...
so they gave me the axe. (never saw them again)
after that, i tried to be a tailor,
but i just wasn't suited for it...
mainly because it was a sew sew job.
next i tried working in a muffler factory,
but that was too exhausting.
then i tried to be a chef,
figured it would add a little spice to my life...
but i just didn't have the thyme.
i attempted to be a deli worker, but any way i sliced it,
i couldn't cut the mustard.
my best job was being a musician,
but eventually found it wasn't noteworthy.
i studied a long time to become a doctor,
but i didn't have any patience.
next was a job in a shoe factory...
i tried, but i just didn't fit in.
i became a professional fisherman,
but discovered i couldn't live on my net income.
i managed to get a good job working for
a pool maintenance company,
but the work was too draining.
so then i got a job in a workout center,
but they said i wasn't fit for the job.
after many years of trying to find steady work,
i finally got a job as a historian...
but there was no future in it.
tried being a stockbroker...no security!
hired on as a human cannonball, but i got fired.
my last job was working in a coffee shop,
but i had to quit because it was the same old grind.
so i retired and found i am perfect for the job!

taro "snow ice" with azuki beans.
(frozen fruit and juice bases mixed with milk and shaved thin,
company describes snow ice as frozen cotton candy)
(zoe zebra tunic and shyla skirt via oomph (buy)(buy); shoes, nine west)

tell me about one of your jobs!

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  1. Great outfit, shoes, and most of all, attitude!! I have the best job in the world-voice actor!! I figured this out after I turned 40 and haven't looked back. I realize just how lucky I am to love my work so much.

    1. That is wonderful, jean! Sounds really interesting! So would that involve commercials? Movies, etc? Anything I might have heard?

  2. goreous outfit with the perfect shoes!!!

  3. Love the outfit, really love the leather skirt, great fit. When I was 17 I worked in a small artisan cheese factory, actually helping to make the cheese...that was pretty random but really interesting to experience! That poem is very clever :)

    1. I saw something on a show Dirty Jobs about making cheese. It's hard work! What a great experience!

  4. I am really curious about that dessert! These are funny, I read them out loud to my boyfriend.

  5. I want to try the snow ice! Smiled at the poem because I'm thinking very hard about retiring within the next year.

  6. I love the work story poem - it's so very much fun. I love humour in it and the pick of professions. Never thought of retiring so far, I guess I'm just too satisfied with my job (in Russia it's hard to work on my position if you are lady)

  7. Hey, I miss hanging around your blog, too! Huh! Tell me about it. Some days just feels like suicide and horrible bosses are just horrible. Cheers to the job that pays the rent and everything else.

  8. I loved that! Hilarious.
    I worked at Carvel ice cream. And decorated Fudgie the Whale on more than one occasion. Truth.

  9. hahaha loved this!
    And your shoes are amazing!!!

  10. Wow ! this outfit is perfectly sexy ! I love the leather skirt and the bag is awesome !

  11. haha at first i thought you were talking about you and then i said.. not possible! too young for so many jobs!!! hahaha cute post and cute shoes<3


  12. I am sooooooooooo hungry for "snow ice" now...that just looks like the most amazing treat, where did you find it?!

    Also...love the leather. You can rock it like nobody's business, wish I had your ability to carry that off!

    <3 Cambria

    1. A new place that opened up here called Snow Factory.

  13. Ha! That's funny. =) I worked at Baskin Robbins once upon a time. And ate entirely too much ice cream while I was there!

    I love this look on you! It's gorgeous! And the snow ice looks delicious!

  14. Becks, that is too funny! My first job was working with some detectives at a police station. HaHa It was a summer job as a secretary.

  15. ha-ha. yes, being retired is i guess the best one. Love your clutch. So unusual.

  16. I love this outfit! This post was super cute too, I wish I were retired, instead I am a student which is hard because sometimes I feel like I dont have any class. :)

    xo Teresa

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