block party.

on saturday, we had a neighborhood halloween block party.
it was the first ever in the history of our street. although four of us [neighborhood moms] get together regularly, it was nice to mingle with the rest of the families. with over 50+ people who attended, i'd say it was a success. many have already expressed interest in the next one.

i pulled these shorts out of the motherload for mini-she, but ended up keeping them for myself. i just realized [while typing this post] that it has animals on it. all these years i thought it was camoflauge.

are you close with your neighbors?
what are your plans for halloween?

foxy brown was in full effect.
best part was the afterparty in the garage.
(old navy sweater; da-nang shorts; bag c/o justfab; shoes, etienne aigner via ideeli)

try this look:

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  1. i love ur shorts! super cute! and i really <33 ur haircut :D

  2. LOVE that sweater & necklace combined! & as of right now I have no plans for Halloween sadly thanks to Hurricane Sandy!!

    xo Jackie

  3. Those shorts are so adorable!! I love the print and the colours. That block party sounds like sooo much fun! Love the wig!

  4. Nice outfit! Love the shorts!
    We don't celebrate Halloween here, so no plans.
    As for the neighbors, we're close to some old ones, but rarely know some of the new ones.

  5. How nice of your neighborhood to have a block party! Your shorts are pretty amazing, too! I love the colors! =)

  6. Block parties are fun! Our neighborhood has never done one, but I have been to friend's block parties. We are pretty friendly with everyone on our street, so now I am wondering why we have never done a block party, lol.

    Loving the wavy hair today. Cute shorts and moccasins too. Heather

  7. i think it's awesome when neighbors get together like that. it makes for a really fun time. also a great way to get to know everyone. that's what all communities need to do! many people are old on my block. hahaha but they're nice! loved your costume becks and those shorts/necklace/bag are very nice girl :D

  8. cute costume!! i think it's awesome that you're so close to your neighbors. i live in a lane, so we are somewhat close, but not like you and your neighbors. i dressed up last week for a halloween party as cheshire cat, just threw some things together. usually i love to go to a watch a kids halloween costume contest, i think it's so cute. on halloween, i stay home for the early part and help pass out candy, then go find my friends later on in the night and just see what happens. what are the minis gonna be?? wishing all of you a safe and happy halloween!

  9. I love this outfit! Great Halloween costume too, looks like you all had a great time!

  10. your shorts are so cute! a block party sounds fun and i love your halloween costume! :P

  11. awww... so cuttteee :) love the outfit and your new hair! :) weeee <3

    Jewel Clicks

  12. Pretty outfit and how fabulous is you hair!I love the idea of a block party. Our neighborhood have the same and we only do it on Christmas party, that makes us acquainted to each other.:)


  13. i love your bag!!!
    kisses from Milan
    have a great day

  14. A m a z i n g!!!! Great necklace!

  15. love your necklace and pants! you look charming!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  16. Saw your pic on instagram and your costume is one of the best I've seen! Foxy chick!

  17. I absolutely love your bag!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    I'm following you already ^^

    A loser like me

  18. Those shorts are soooo cute! I love how you styled them with a grey top too - they stand out even more :)

    Trendy Teal

  19. Love the print of the shorts, they look so pretty and super comfy too. The necklace is just beautiful.

    PS: Thank you for sharing the story of your sister's dog, so glad you found him safe and sound.

  20. Cool shorts... and I'm crazy about your necklace!

    We don't really know out neighbors, we just nod and say "hi"... that's about it.

  21. i think it's so great that you organized a block party :) And I'm jealous that you get to wear shorts still during this time of year ;)

  22. Super! Especially love the bag and bracelets. :-)

  23. Absolutly loving the sweater and shorts pairing. I wear this regularly. Also loving the shorter hair :)
    xo Jac


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