jane's addiction. the great escape artist.

i used to be a huge fan of the rock band, jane's addiction. hits like jane says and been caught stealing were always on repeat in my car, and i have great memories associated with them. i was excited to hear about their new album, The Great Escape Artist...more excited that i could get it for free.
the band's creative frontman, perry farrell, is giving away their latest album for free courtesy of his recent partnership with dobel tequila. simply like the dobel facebook page here,
and you will be taken to the album download page.
hurry...it's only available until december 31st.

check out the photos and video below to see epic tour shots from
Jane's Addiction's shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco
in October 2012. 
live at lollapalooza - sao paolo

live at the warfield - sf


  1. Ooh! Thanks for sharing this. We are huge Jane's Addiction fans. They put on a great concert. We took Kayla to her first Jane's show a couple of years back and she loved them too. Perry Farrell is a great performer and I love his voice! Heather

  2. Cool. Music is great; free is even better. Thank for the info.

  3. They're back? No shit! Thank you so much for letting me know!!! <3

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog, let me know if you would like to follow each ohter :)


  5. I've never heard of these! Fab post

    Hannah xx

  6. jane's addiction is fabulous!

  7. I LOVEEEE them!! one of the best concerts i've ever seen. been a fan for a long time. wish i had fb!

  8. OMG!! Love Jane's Addiction! Umm, but where are your pics of DAVE NAVARRO?!! Yummy!! I♥DAVE! haha! Thanks for the info!! Have a nice weekend!!

  9. Used to be? I still love them SO MUCH. I am sad that I missed this one.


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