yin yang.

we had our office party today where we played our traditional dice game. deliveries of edible arrangements, yummy mochi, and snack baskets are coming in, our meant-to-be-decoration stockings are actually being filled up,
and the ac is freezing cold.
*singing* it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas...

another pair of shorts i bleached, distressed, and studded. i kind of like this half and half pair...it's like two outfits depending on which side you're looking at.
and to those who asked, i promise to get the shorts
listed in the store this weekend!

do you have office parties? how do you celebrate?

yin and yang.
(top, express; etienne aigner shoes via ideeli; DIY shorts)


Unknown said...

I wish I had office parties! Theres only 2 people in my office so it'd be pretty boring! lol

xo Jackie

Style Journey said...

These are super cool shorts, and can't believe you made them. You are so crafty :) We had our Christmas party this week and it was pretty lame. It seemed like there was no Christmas spirit this year. Kind of sad. Heather

theversastyle said...

nice job on the shorts!


Chyrel Gomez said...

Wow. Great job with the shorts. I love it! I might even buy it from you if you live nearby. LOL! I don't have office parties since I just kissed my corporate life goodbye.

Jennifer said...

My office party was super lame. We got lunch at noon and had to go back to work at 2. Um, not cool. Haha

xo Jennifer


susan jakovina said...

These are so fun!
Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday!! xoxo

Joandy said...

sexy legs:)) love ur scarf!!!

Come enter my Vivienne Westwood necklace GIVEAWAY on my blog:))

Luna Tiger said...

I love the fresh color of your top ! It reminds me the spring !

J said...

I like your outfit!
Thanks for visiting my blog!


Call me M said...

Amazing look! Love the shorts, and the colors of the outfit.

Mrs C said...

My office is my kitchen, so basically party everyday LOL! Love the detail on that scarf :)

Kisses from :

Celia Aranda said...

I like your outfit! it's casual and comfy
you look fab!


A Very Sweet Blog said...

your office parties are FUN! the one's we have are so stiff. hahaha fabulous outfit. that peacock scarf is pretty :)

Shannon said...

What a fun outfit. I love how it looks different from another side. And that scarf, so pretty.

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