twelve down.

december is gone, and in looking back at my resolutions,
here's a quick recap of the month:

sleep early - same as last month...i'm always up later
than usual during the holiday season.
exercise - does shopping count?
girl time - check! a couple of christmas get togethers with the girls, a couple of wine nights with the neighborhood mamas,
and a few drinks with an old high school friend.
 read - eek, no reading AGAIN this month.
one-on-one mini time - both minis were on break from school, so we spent a lot of time together. i did have some one-on-one time with mini-he as we put together all his lego sets.
try something new - check! learned some new crafts,
participated in a christmas card exchange hosted by
sunny days & starry nights, and made homemade salsa!
organize posts - check! caught up on a few reviews for the gea boot and the jola boot from JustFab, shared jane's addiction's latest album, and even got in a giveaway for some cool items that were part of the dobel tequila + perry farrell collaboration.
(you can enter the giveaway here)

how was your december? did you try something new?

christmas card exchange.
mini-he can put together the lego sets by himself now!
homemade salsa...a friend's recipe:
bunches of cilantro, anaheim pepper, onion, garlic, garlic salt, lime & lemon juice, and tomatoes all in a food chopper.
glittered paper rolls made into flowers.
spontaneous wine night with the neighborhood mamas...
this was my favorite of the night.
(f21 sweater; DIY skirt; zara shoes)


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Happy New Year Becks! Waaaaaghhh! I love those shoes and outfit girl! You did well! I'm pleased with myself. I completed my personal goals. I have more set for the New Year. It really keeps you on track. Here's to 2013!!!

Chyrel Gomez said...

I had a great year and I'm glad I'm part of your online, blogging life for 2012. Cheers to 2013! =)

Unknown said...

Happy happy new year!!! You look fabulous in pink and leopard ;))
I wish you have a wonderful and blessed 2013 <3

Buy Designer Eyeglasses said...

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Happy New Year!

Lena L said...

happy new year!

love the soft warm pink color on you. :)

(and i def. think shopping counts as workout!)

Joandy said...

such a pretty sweater, love ur belt too!!!
happy new year!!!

Shybiker said...

Girl, you are so stylish! I wish I had your good taste.

I suspect the New Year is going to be wonderful for you!

Monsterchen said...

hm yeah i think shopping counts;)
you look gorgeous love that jumper with your leoprint skirt!
happy new year!

Elisse said...

Happy new year!! Good job on being conscientious about your mini-goals! I like how mini-he loves his Lego, and I also joined the Christmas card exchange too! That was the one of the best exchanges I've participated in :)

Siena in Style said...

I love that leopard touch!!
kisses from Milano

Meri said...

That is a lovely pink on you. Sounds like you had a great holiday- happy new year!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

happy new year! I see my card that i sent you :)

Unknown said...

Happy New Year girl and wishing you the very best to you and your family on 2013.
After reading your post I seriously need to start getting more organized and the only new thing I tried and was semi successful this year was posting everyday (LOL).

<3 Marina

Oreleona said...

wishing you and your family happy happy new year Becca!! the homemade salsa looks soo good! <33 ur skirt and the sweater top :)

audrinajulia said...

Happy new year Becks! Love the glitter paper rolls, so artistic. It's nice to be apart of your 12 month resolution. Cheers to great 2013!


Unknown said...

love love love the leopard skirt!

Happy New Year!
xo Jackie

Jessica said...

I love your outfit here! And we are so glad that you participated in our Christmas Card Exchange!!

Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Unknown said...

I love your outfit, you look cool & chic!
Happy new year, hope you have a wonderful year ahead!

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

Happy new year! I love your resolutions :). Oh and your gold belt! I am excited to see what your blog has in store for 2013!



Southern (California) Belle

Unknown said...

Love your skirt! And your resolutions :)

xo Ashley

Unknown said...

Love the pink and leopard :)
xo Jac

Cailin´s Place said...

awesome!nice outfit and pics!happy 2013 darling!Big kiss!

HilLesha O'Nan said...

Lovely outfit!

Katie Frank said...

you look so amazing, i love your top. happy new year :)

welldressedmaker said...

I LOVE how the flowers turned out! And I really like the pink and the leopard together. My goal is to stay up a little bit later. hahaha. I tend to sleep a LOT!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

the shop of worldly delights

Unknown said...

Sounds like you're doing pretty good with the resolutions. :) Happy New Year!!

trishie said...

Sounds like you had a great December. The salsa looks so good!

alliedavies182 said...

you look fabulous!

Shannon said...

I love that outfit....and love it even more that you made upcycled ornaments, go you!

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