an [oomph.] review. conju princess soap.

my mom gave me this conju princess soap for christmas. i'd never heard of it before, but my she raved about it saying that her skin felt great after using it...so i was excited to try it.
the conju soap is based on the beauty secrets thought to give asian princesses their clear complexion. in addition to using natural coconut oil as its base, the company combines 11 types of natural korean plants to cleanse and brighten your skin tone.

here are the 11 korean herbs used.
lather soap in hand. step #2 takes some practice; i can't seem to get my foam as big as in the brochure illustration.
rub hands together to create foam, scoop foam and gather in your palm, repeat until you have a good amount of
marshmallow-like foam.
gently apply foam onto face and massage for one minute.
i tend to overdo things and thought that massaging longer would make my face cleaner, but one minute is enough! any longer and you risk drying your skin. your sensitive eyelids only need to be traced three times. the soap stings your eyes, so be careful.
rinse with lukewarm water. 

my thoughts?
after washing my face in the mornings, my skin feels nice and clean, and it actually appears brighter. i do feel some tightness after using the soap, but i start with an SPF moisturizer (anyways) under my makeup, so that helps. the soap is unscented to me, although some have mentioned a slight herbal smell.

one bar of soap is $20, but it will last a while. after two weeks of using it, my bar is practically the same size (since you are not actually running the water on the soap, just wetting your hands before lathering).

my mom also gave me the uv sunblock. the consistency is on the thicker side, but doesn't feel uncomfortable on. i like the
SPF 50, and this also does not have a strong smell.

overall, i like that the soap is simple and easy to use in the mornings when time is of essence. i will continue to use the
soap + sunblock and look forward to the results after finishing this bar. you can find out more about the soap and other products here.

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  1. wow sounds cool, i have never heard about this before!

  2. Love it ! great post !



  3. I think this soap would be worth trying, especially since after using it daily, it doesn't shrink in size too quickly.

    Good luck with the circle of moms contest! I've been voting for you every night!

  4. this sounds like a good soap - i might have to look into it too! excited to hear if it continues to work well for you!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  5. Just gave you a vote! This is a nice review! I'm always looking for some new face products to try...though I might cut the bar into sections if I get it. I can just imagine my kids destroying the whole thing while my back is turned!

    Knocked Up Fabulous

  6. I've never heard of Conju but if that soap does help with brightening I may need to try it out.

  7. Very interesting Becks! This is my first time hearing of Conju. Sounds great if used correctly. Voted for you!

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  9. I've not heard of this beauty product before. Hope it continues to do wonders for you! :)

  10. Sound really good!
    I just voted for you! Good luck!

  11. this sounds so good! do you have to use your hands? i use a clarisonic, could i use that? i'm always looking for simple, good skincare and this sounds so interesting.


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