florals dots and a mini icon.

i'm in love.
with this...mini icon bag.
it's cute and just so, well...mini.
yet, it has three compartments inside, plus pockets on both sides, and a zippered pocket on the outside to keep all of your things organized. if you are looking for a structured and
stylish bag that won't break your back, this. is. it.
it also comes with a shoulder strap should you feel
the need to go hands-free.

did anyone catch the season premiere of tia and tamera?
if so, what'd you think?

love old navy? stay tuned for a great giveaway
coming up tonite. 

(honey love anchor bracelet (in red); persun ring c/o)
took the minis to see the butterflies. i was a little disappointed because i hoped thought they'd be flyin' around
and landing on my head...but they didn't. haha.
i did learn a few things:
-they like warmer temperatures,
otherwise they'll go into hibernation
-they eat bananas and oranges with their straw-like tongue
-no matter how many times people are told NOT to touch the butterflies, they will still touch the butterflies.
(aeropostale top, lei denim, JustFab Macey heels & Mini Icon bag c/o;ON cargo vest)

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  1. I think I like the mini version better than the big version. Mostly because I carry a big diaper bag right now, and need a cute, miniature purse to go with it.

  2. this is a great look on you - love the pattern mixing. and the bag is so classic and pretty!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. I LOVE this outfit! Your floral top and polka dots are pretty sweet and the bag is the perfect size. The butterfly exhibit sounds fun. I never would have thought they ate bananas!

    1. thanks HK! i had no idea they ate those things, too!

  4. Great look, the floral and polka dot go really well together. That bag is too perfect, it's just the right size. The butterfly exhibit looks so neat.


  5. I'd be tempted to touch the butterflies too, they're so pretty!

  6. Love butterflies and that cute mini bag! I'm a big fan of pockets!

  7. Fabulous floral and dots Becks! Love that bag.

  8. Florals and polka dots are a match made in heaven for summer. I absolutely love this blouse!! And great shot of all the butterflies, so pretty :)

  9. loving this outfit! I don't know how you look so cute when it's just so darn hot :) the polka dots and florals are so cute together and yet you give it an edge with the accessories! you are always so inspiring, Becks!


  10. so pretty! love the entire outfit, but the shoe color w/ the top is amazing!! xo

  11. Love the print on print, Becks! Especially the cut on that top! So cute! I also LURVE that anchor bracelet to bits. It's plain darling! We saw the butterflies at the zoo here!

  12. I'm in love too! Not only with your mini icon bag but with your jeans, and pumps too! <3

  13. That skull ring was so surprising! :D I totally want to use small bags only because they won't get too heavy and stuff but I honestly need the room bigger bags provide T_T


  14. LOVE that bag. ahhhh!
    nicole kidman is afraid of butterflies!


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