black on black on black on.

when in doubt, wear black.
(and a touch of leopard!)
black sheer top from Patty's Closet.
black faux leather shorts from Patty's Closet.
black beanie via sincerely jules, gift from Sisters Marie.
black bubble necklace via oomph.
black bag from H&M.
shoes via sheinside.

and some randoms:
i never thought i'd say this, but i miss running. it's been three days since my last run, and as i sit here after lunch, uncomfortably, with a belly full of pho, i'm just counting down the hours till i can get on that treadmill.

stay tuned for a cute giveaway coming up. if you have young children, you might appreciate this convenient way of shopping that just makes sense.

love talking about fashion, beauty, fitness, family, or entertainment? come join the conversation over at POPSUGAR forums. i'd love to chat and get your input on my latest question.

when in doubt, what item, outfit, or color is your go-to?

superbowl weekend eats...
shrimp, chili/hotdogs/burgers, and sangria...
and, of course, a celfie of the celfie!

here's a few to try:

*     *     *


  1. Very cute. You make such good choices.

  2. i love thath outfit and i love that hat

  3. black on black never gets old!! love the beanie and flats :)

  4. Nice outfit, so cute with those flats! When in doubt what to wear, I stay in doubt the whole day. Usually I opt for white shirt, sweater and jeans. As simple as that.


  5. When I was doing Insanity I would really miss it when we had a day off (sort of . . . I also loved the days off). I feel ya! It is a good thing to get into the habit of missing. I love the black look today Rebecca!

  6. your beanie rock. I so want my next purchase to be a celfie shirt

  7. I love the shoes but not the spikes. I love the necklace! I love black clothes.

  8. you're my exercise hero becks! great food and I love your outfit. black on black looks good. love that necklace.

  9. I love the necklace! And those shoes too! Nice!

  10. totally loving this outfit. you can't go wrong with black err-thing! hehe so easy to match and whatnot. x

  11. Love the beanie :) And the shoes are adorable!


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