our weather has been a mixed bag lately making this Patty's Closet romper a welcomed addition to my closet. with an item like this, i don't have to worry about unpredictable weather since the t-shirt material and long sleeves are cool enough/warm enough for whatever mother nature throws our way. and for a casual outfit, this gold monogram necklace from 9th & Elm is perfect for when you need just a little something for the neckline.

monograms are one of those things you know about (yeah, they're initials), but don't really know about (there's a certain order?)...unless you had a personal experience ordering something. so if there's anyone who isn't in the know, like me (and, gawd, i hope there is), here's what i learned about monogram etiquette:

ex: jane christy parker
traditional: first LAST middle, JPC
same size: first MIDDLE last, JCP

ex: kevin michael smith
first MIDDLE last or first LAST middle, KMS or KSM

women: first MARRIED SURNAME maiden, JSP
couples: bride's first LAST groom's first, JSK

infants and children
first LAST middle

first MIDDLE last
(mainly boys; girls would be same as women)
*source: random google searches here and here

how was your weekend?
do you appreciate monogrammed items?

first visit to the first H&M on the islands, and i left empty-handed.
this is what an $80 dinner looks like at genki sushi.
only three of these plates were mine!
sunday date with mini-he.
(romper c/o Patty's Closet Mililani (808-625-6441);
Wet Seal shoes (buy))

here's a few to try:


  1. I didn't really understand what do the monograms mean. Anyway, the romper is sexy! I like it! Is this an ice-cream on one of the pictures? Yum!


    1. there's a scoop of ice cream under the shave ice! so yummy :)

  2. Love the romper -- it has the youthful exuberance I associate with you.

    And thanks for the tip on monogram etiquette. I first faced that 30 years ago when I considered (but decided against) getting monogramed dress-shirts. (I think they're too gaudy on men.) I love the design of this necklace.

    1. thanks, A. i think monogrammed cuff links would be nice for men :)

  3. Aw! Cute romper! It makes me so happy for warmer weather!

  4. I didn't even know there were different orders for monograms. I thought they were all First, last, middle no matter what... oops, lol. Cute romper! I'm so scared of wearing rompers for the obvious reason that I'd have to get naked to use the restroom - scary thought haha

  5. Very cool outfit! I love the shoulder detail and your sandals. Great necklace.

    1. thanks, Kim! i think that "detail" is actually the sunlight shining thru the straw hat!

  6. I never realized monograms were so complicated or had all those rules of initial order. I'm not a huge fan of my initials because they're the same as those for a large railway company and that's all they make me think about :P That romper is super cute and looks so comfy, and it looks great on you. Love your smile in that last photo :)


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