a week of white denim. spring casual.

white denim at its spring best - paired with minty green.
if there's one hat you need, it's a fedora. a straw fedora is versatile because the style can be dressy, but the material is casual. i always have one in the car just in case. it's perfect for bad hair days, post- beach hair, and topping off a spring outfit.

a few photos below from a super wet hike this past weekend. this is normally an easy hike because it is relatively flat, but the mud made it challenging. mini-he was getting discouraged because he fell and was getting dirty, but i loved it. we've done this trail dry before...it was good exercise, but nothing exciting. this time, it was exciting. it felt adventurous.

do you wear hats? if so, what's your hat style?
are you the adventurous type?

mini-he was too cute...he kept "helping" me even though he was the one that kept slipping in the mud.
(hat & shirt c/o Patty's Closet (808-625-6441);
Paige Denim (buy); Lucky Brand bag;
Shop Lately necklace; etienne aigner shoes)

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  1. love the detail on your shirt. I wear all type of hats.

  2. Oh I love the back detail on the shirt! lovely color as well :-)
    I don't wear hats because I always feel that they make my head looks bigger. lol.

  3. Fab outfit! Love the detail on the back of the shirt.

    Best, Mree

  4. I totally agree! Fedoras seem to look good on anyone and they work for so many outfits. I love the mint and white. The back of this blouse is so pretty!

  5. Lovely shirt and hat
    you're so stylish !!!!!



  6. You look incredible. I love your mint color top.

  7. that's cute! i love that top also. i like wide brimmed hats.

  8. i love this!! such a pretty and bright springy outfit! i wish i could pull off white jeans like you do!


  9. I'm adventurous, but I prefer adventuring alone before bringing anybody else. Like somehow they will be judging me for my adventury-ness if it's not totally epic hah.

  10. Haha, adorable mini he! I thought you wore those white leggings on the hike - glad to see you didn't. That would have been a disaster and a half!

    Corinne x

  11. I have to admit that I every spring buys white pants for me - but than these pants are in my closet and I don't wear them. But during I watched your cool and very springlike look I thought this is indeed a fail. Now I hope I will wear my white pants soon :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    International giveaway: Love & Peace

  12. awesome! I wish, I can pull off white leggings one of these days. Perfect for summer :)

  13. white denim!! i'm happy to see more options with it!

  14. Cute, laidback and stylish as always.. I wish Dubai has more hiking trails.. the few that they have involved long drive and that just put me off! Nice healthy snack you have there :)

  15. I love your hat honey. Very cool outfit.
    Thanks for your comment :*

  16. What an adorable little outfit. You look so beautiful, as always.


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