weekend in photos. summer love.

it's rare that we have a weekend completely free. someone always has a game, practice, class, or birthday party. this past weekend was one of those free weekends, so we headed to the beach house. it was the ideal summer weekend just hanging out, eating, and hitting the beach to surf, paddle, and swim several times a day. in the evenings, we'd play [with the neighborhood kids] on the street till dark, wind down by playing cards or games, and finally pop in a movie to end the night.

how's your summer so far?

carrot juice to kick off the weekend.
soaking up the last bits of sun.
sun protection essentials.
having fun letting the waves push us around.
iphone stack...plus the one i'm using to take the picture.
pork quesadillas from killer tacos.
[mini-he and me] on top of the world alligator rock! 
strawberry + coconut shave ice w/ice cream from my fave general store.

something i've always wanted to try for mini-he. i think i got more of a kick out of it than he did.
playing in the streets till dark...mini-he had the best time riding bicycles and scooters with the neighborhood boys. they were racing down a hill, and being the protective mom that i am, i followed along...cheering but also reminding him to use his brakes and slow down if he didn't feel comfortable. at one point, he actually shoo'd me and said under his breath, "i know, mom, go. go." i laughed to myself at the time, but thinking about it makes me sad...he's growing up!


  1. Looks like a super fun weekend. Enjoy your summer! We're having a cold start to winter.

    1. that's right, winter for you guys! stay warm :)

  2. Got to love free weekend with no plan.

  3. Great photos, I love the Iphone stack haha!

    Have a great week,
    Mary x

  4. you are so lucky you live so close to the beach !! I would love to try Hawaiian shaved ice!

  5. What a great summer pictures. Now I miss my vacations so much. Fantastic atmosphere!

  6. You guys know how to have FUN!!! What a great beach! Love the food and refreshments. Lol about the shoo ing Too funny! They grow up so fast.


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