the ankle boot.

if there is one boot you need for fall, it's the ankle boot. it's versatile and can be worn year round throughout the seasons. it works with shorts in the summer, skirts in the spring, and pants during fall and winter.

i'd normally rock this favorite button-up shirt + denim shorts combo with sneakers, but i decided to break out the boots...in the spirit of fall.

how are you rocking your ankle boots?
what is your boot style..tall, flat, riding?

(f21 shirt, DIY levis; JustFab luxe boots; love & sunshine clutch)

shop the look:


  1. Gotta love a good ankle boot! Wish it was too hot to wear them here, but the temp is perfect for ankle boots! Love your shorts too!

  2. Short wear I believe is a thing in the past here. At least for the remainder of this year.

    You look great and I love your ankle boots. I agree they are so versatile. I absolutely love them paired with skirts.

  3. I have a pair of high ankle boot I rock here and there. You look great.

  4. you are just gorge!

  5. ankle boots are my favorite -- they look good with everything! unfortunately, it gets too cold/snowy for them in the winter, but they are fair game in fall, spring and summer!


  6. i just got a pair of ankle foots and am still figuring out the best way to wear them ha. but they're so cute!

  7. Totally with you on this--I basically live in my black cut-out ankle boots! I really love the style of yours, and have been looking for a similar pair! Also, the rest of your outfit is beautiful--it is so cool how it looks like your shirt drips/blends into your shorts!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  8. i have 2 pairs that i never wear. perhaps i should give them another go

  9. I love this look on you! You have the best legs to pull off shorts and booties!

  10. Your shirt is amazing. I'm happy to be able to take my ankle boots out of the back of my closet again. :)

  11. I love the ankle boot as well and how it can go in any season under shorts in the summer like your outfit or under a dress or mini skirt with thick tights in winter.
    Love it.

  12. I like your outfit! Your hair looks great.

  13. Ankle boots are so cool and the styles that are coming out are amazing! You look awesome Becks.

  14. This is so cute...I am still under the weather, but managed to wear lace up booties with a denim pullover and black jogger/trainer pants! It got a little warm today, but I thought cool, fall thoughts! LOL

  15. I cannot get away with wearing ankle boots, I'm too short and they make me look even shorter. I still own a few pairs from my office days but they rarely see the light of day anymore.


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