warm weather blues.

although it has been miserably hot and humid the past few weeks, i actually felt a chill last night. the first chill. could it mean "fall" is coming? with 90° temps still on the horizon, it's highly unlikely...but i'm hopeful.

next week is our family's big birthday week...four birthdays, three days in a row. what do you get for retired parents who [tell you they] have everything they need and an extremely picky pre-teen? i welcome any suggestions.

what's the weather like in your neck of the woods?
has fall arrived yet?

(F21 blazer, Lulu's tee; DIY denim; Nine West sneakers)


  1. Good luck with figuring gifts out for everyone.

  2. Adorable outfit. And yes, Fall snuck up on us, too. Chilly nights.

    I'm a Zen Master at gift-giving. If possible, find out what your recipients are passionate about (e.g., hobby; interest) and get something in that arena. For example, even though my dad is elderly, he still likes baseball so I had a team jersey custom-made with his name stitched on the back.

    For children, you have the opportunity to open a new door for them. I've given rare coins or stamps or other collectibles which sparked an interest that wasn't there before.

    1. i need to consult with you more often. thanks for the great ideas!!

  3. Lovely jacket, so cool !!!!!!!!



  4. I have felt a chill here a week ago. Although it has only dropped about 5 degrees, it has made such a big difference. I love summer but I have now moved on to fall!

  5. Can't wrong for parents or grandparents with homemade gifts from the heart! Love the blazer!

  6. Teens? Money! Lol Or to make it really interesting a wad of $1 bills. They get so excited seeing how much they have. Hmmm, parents? How about a weekend stay cation within your area? Loving your tee and blazer Becks!


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