pink pants don't care.

i'm usually out of my comfort zone in anything other than black, white, dark or denim (that leaves pastels and brights!), but when pink pants is all that fits, then pink pants it is. i've been packing on some pounds, and i'll tell you why in my next marathon chronicles entry.

on another note, has anyone started their christmas shopping? is it ever too early to start? i usually don't make a list until december-ish and vow to start earlier every year. so...i actually bought a couple of presents already and am feeling proud of myself good about that.

in case you missed it, east vs west debuted yesterday with jewel tones.

do you buy christmas gifts throughout the year?
or are you a last minute holiday shopper?

(Front Row Shop tee; ON pants; Nine West sneakers (similar);


  1. These are great! Pink works for you. And it's never too early to start holiday shopping.

  2. I always love pink and black together. I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet. I have thought about not doing gift this year.

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  3. I'm the last minute shopper.. nowadays I just give cash for the boys to avoid buying something that they don't want.. I kind of like this pink pants.. away from the norm sometimes could surprise you

  4. Packing on some pounds? Must be packing up with muscles! =D
    You look great in this pink pants. You paired it great with the sneakers too =)

  5. This is really cute, I love the pink pants paired with this top!

  6. I think you look fab in anything!!

    I actually started a bit when we were in Aust recently :P Really want to avoid the Christmas crowd!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. looking great in those pants! and indeed it's kinda odd seeing out of comfort zone colors. I think I should think of my christmas gifts earlier... I hope this year I'll follow your steps!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  8. With pants I usually keep it pretty simple and plain but I love these! The pink is so light and fresh.

  9. awesome pants. love the color and that tee is so cool. great sales now, so take advantage. christmas is upon us.

  10. they look great on you, and i love the combo of your pants and shoes!

  11. I love the pink pants and that is an adorable top. I love my pink jeans.

  12. So cute!
    You're one of the few fashion bloggers who can pull off both casual and dressy. :)

  13. We started our christmas shopping about a week ago, really excited. Pink suits you, and the laid back look is really cool.


  14. I used to buy throughout the year Christmas gifts, but now I wait until at least one month before and start, because I always have to ship everything. Love your pink trousers! xx/Madison
    Style Traction

  15. Oh, I had my eye on a pair of sneakers just like yours this weekend--except they were quilted. Fab look!

  16. What with my strange new desire to wear pants lately, I'd probably rock a pink pair if I found some comfy ones. Those looks cute on you. I'm more of a last minute gift kind of person - which is why I spent most of last December holed up finishing my mother's quilt hah.


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