new year new goal.

after a year of serious running and training for the marathon, fitness became a huge part of my life. but with the marathon over and done with, what's next?

well, after taking a much-needed month off from running, i finally got back on the treadmill and even completed my first race of 2015 this past weekend. i even signed up for the marathon. again. what?! (no pressure this year, though. if i feel ready, i'll do it.) i have genuinely come to enjoy running and will continue to do it. perhaps this year i'll work on speed, and as a side goal, get the minis to join me in a race.

but there was one thing that i assumed hoped would come along with running, and that was toning up. weights were always part of my fitness regimen, but that became secondary to running when my marathon training started. besides, all that running would result in a toned body (at least my legs), right? wrong.

while some have noticed a change in my body, i still have more soft and jiggly parts than i'd care to admit.

so this year, it's all about firming and toning, incorporating weights as well as exercises that result in a stronger body overall. i believe this will only benefit my running as well.

 thanks to those who followed my journey via the marathon chronicles series. i hope that you'll stick around for this new fitness series that'll include workouts and exercises, fitness gear, diet tips and recipes, and, of course, running updates.


  1. I wish I could get as motivated as you about running. I have tried but it is always so tedious to me.

  2. Soft and jiggly are the last words I would ever use to describe you! Great work on running and getting fit. It feels so good! I'm really looking forward to this fitness series.

  3. I can't imagine anything jiggly on you Becks! You eat great and exercise. LOL Good for you! This is something you enjoy, so keep it up girl.

  4. Good luck lady! I applaud you! I have to say, ever since I quit smoking and started working out regularly, I can really enjoy a run myself, but nothing like a marathon. Go girl!

  5. I remember all your posts about running! Good luck!


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