happy national drink wine day.

for all you wine lovahs, today is national drink wine day. for those who didn't know (it's ok, i didn't know either...shame on me!), it is always celebrated on February 18th. i couldn't find any true historical meaning behind this day other than to simply rejoice and enjoy your favorite wines. so...go ahead, grab your glass. [virtual] cheers!

in spirit of the day, scroll down for some wine facts, fun gadgets, favorite sayings, and must-haves.

what is your favorite wine?
do you like red or white?

8 health benefits of drinking wine:

1) promotes longevity. 34% lower mortality rate
2) reduces heart-attack risk
3) lowers risk of heart disease
4) reduces risk of type 2 diabetes
5) lowers risk of stroke
6) cuts risk of cataracts
7) cuts risk of colon cancer
8) slows brain decline
source: food&wine

i drink red wine, mostly.
while i prefer a good cabernet, i do not discriminate.
i'll try anything once, but here's what i usually find myself reaching for time and time again:

jordan cabernet, $50
ghost pines cabernet, $20
P|K|N|T. cabernet, pinot noir, merlot, $10

(patty's closet top; sammy dress shorts; lulu's heels; LAQA & Co. on lips)

aerator for when you don't have time to let wine breathe.
a great bottle opener - rabbit is by far the easiest.
stemless wine glasses = less accidents.
a wine refrigerator.


Jessica said...

I hope you are enjoying national drink wine day. You look incredible. I love your leopard print shorts.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

two birds said...

You are gorgeous! I love this look. Those shorts are amazing and I love red and leopard paired together. I will definitely be celebrating National Drink Wine Day! Cheers!


haha virtual cheers to you too! awesome post, and i love the outfit!

♥ Ellen #NZblogger
Facebook + Instagram

Frannie Pantz said...

I am not a big wine (or alcohol) fan, but my husband does have that wine cork USB. I am a huge fan of this outfit, though! Love those shorts and the flower pin!

Diva In Me said...

Thanks for sharing the information. I didn't know about this day actually. I'm actually not a wine person. Somehow, my heart beat real fast after a cup of wine. I've tried it with many other alcohol and they're fine except for wine. To chose between red or white, I would go with white.
Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? If you do, Happy Chinese New Year! =D

Night Chayde said...

Love those shorts!!


Kim Alston said...

i am so lovin those shorts and top! how chic!!! i like white wine. gotta tell you about a new one i discovered!!!

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