firm & tone 01. great aloha run (new PR).

it's become a tradition (three years in the making), getting together with friends on president's day for the 8.15 mile great aloha run.

this year, i was just coming off a month-long break from running and had only put in a few 2-3 mile runs before the race, so it was a good test of my current fitness level. i won't get into a lengthy race recap but will say that i was able to maintain a steady pace, run the entire course [walking only through the water stations], and gain a new PR (personal record) for this race.

with an official time of 1:36:10, i shaved off 14 minutes from last year's time. some people assumed that this might be easy after running a marathon. i wouldn't say it was easy, rather it was a comfortable distance. i will admit that it felt great seeing the results of my year of running.

prepped and ready for the early morning wake-up call.
shuffling like cattle to get to the start.
to the finish line.
crossing the finish line.
inside the stadium. 
post-race bloody ceasars. 


Kim Alston said...

Becks, you even look stylish running girl! Everyone else is looking tired and there you go. HAHAHAHAHA Congratulations!

trishie said...

Looks like a fun run and well done for breaking your personal record!

two birds said...

Nice work! You did awesome. Congrats on the PR!

Mree said...

Great job!!!!

Susan Liberatore said...

OMG! Amazing. I can't even run for a mile without stopping. :0

Fashion Pad said...

That's super interesting that running a marathon and participating in this race wasn't a 'breeze' like I automatically assumed (guilty of making assumptions). But the cool thing is you're still maintaining your endurance level. You totally ROCK boo!!!

Iván The Trendy Surfer said...

Congrats !!! you're amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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