weekend in photos.

this skirt was hidden in its protective plastic that i almost forgot about it. such a great skirt, though, with its curved up sides and leather piping. worn casual here with a tee + black sneaks [i was too lazy to move my camera back for a full length, haha], but you can see it dressed up here.

this weekend was jammed packed with stuff to do (and lots to drink)...some of which was planned, some wasn't. but i love when weekends just happen. don't you? weekend randoms below.

wine night.
got spiced up for the pacquiao/mayweather fight.
beer + bingo fundraiser plus a trip on the party bus.
i said on instagram that what happens inside the bus, stays in the bus...but this photo isn't too incriminating. and it's blurriness shows just how much fun we were having.
beach house shenanigans...water balloon fights for the littles, margaritas for the bigs.
plus, lots of good food...these were called juicy lucy burgers made with a layer of cheese in between two pattys. have you heard of such a thing? it was good, tho!
(madewell tee; hutch skirt; LAQA & Co. lips)


  1. that shirt looks so cool with that skirt becks. i heard those strawberitas and limeritas taste good. will have to get some.

  2. love when weekends turn out like that! you look gorgeous as ALWAYS! i mean do you ever take a bad pic? ;)

  3. Could you be anymore Gorgeous?? Seriously! I so love those Lime A Rita's, I just wish they didn't have so many calories in them.

  4. Wow ,i love it when you wear black and with ,you look beautiful :)


  5. Sounds like an amazing weekend. You can never go wrong with a black and white outfit.


  6. Amazing weekkend !!! lovely t-shirt .



  7. i love the black and white outfit!! it looks like you had a lovely weekend!!



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