minion noir.

when i saw these sunglasses at Patty's Closet, i instantly thought...minions! they are big and over-the-top, but super fun. it's the perfect statement accessory for this simple black romper, also from Patty's Closet.

summer is coming to an end for us as the minis are headed back to school this week. i hate for it to end, but i'm satisfied with how we spent our time. scenes from the weekend below.

how was your weekend?

me want banana!
pali lookout.
just a little windy. 
geez...how many times have i eaten mexican this summer?
 paddle boarding followed by this pretty sunset in haleiwa (you can still catch it on periscope @oomph). it got even better...as we were driving home, cars were pulling over on the side of the road. we looked back to see that the sunset had turned the sky a vibrant red-orange. you can see how it change from the above as well as see all the cars pulling over to get a shot of it on snapchat (@rockoomph).
(Patty's Closet romper c/o; love & sunshine clutch,
sunglasses via Patty's Closet)

shop Patty's Closet and get 20% off when you mention '808bloggers' at checkout. hawaii locations only: Mililani Town Center and Pearl Highlands.

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have you shopped the nordstrom anniversary sale?
here's a few great accessories:


  1. Hey, it's been forever since I stopped by..you know Summer and all!? I can not believe your kids are going back already? Do they attend year round school?

    I love the over the top glasses and your look so gorgeous in your Aloha hat. I am now on Instagram and will follow you ok? Blessings to your kids this school year!


    1. hi! nice to hear from you...they do not attend year round...they had summer break from end of may-end of july!

  2. Love the glasses!


  3. Those sunglasses are amazing. I'm sucked you kids go back to soon so soon.


  4. Oh my, those are so fabulous!
    I still think the frame is a bit too thick for me to pull off, but I'd love to have a retro design like your soon!
    Have a good rest of the week. ;)

  5. OMGosh school is starting already??? Well enjoy! We still have a few weeks. I love that romper and those shades are super fun!

    1. one goes back tomorrow, the other goes back in august.

  6. Your romper is super lovely
    Cute pics


  7. They do remind me of the minions, but they look so good on you! Very Jackie O! Super love your romper Becks! You guys had a great Summer. I bet they're not ready to go back to school already. HaHaHa Well, you still get the weekends to play.

  8. loving the subtle hints of leopard :) have a great weekend!

  9. Like it really how elegant the dress looks - and it fits you simply perfect <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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