whites + brights.

happy prime day!
if you haven't heard, amazon prime members get exclusive access to deals today. i heard the deals are even better than black friday's deals. to sweeten the day, walmart is jumping on this opportunity to snag some customers by hosting their own rollback deals. it's a battle of sales that's definitely worth checking out.

i found this top in my recent friendship swap bag and automatically thought of pairing it with white to freshen up the colors. it's been extremely humid here, so shorts have been the only option lately.

how's your summer weather?

last weekend we hit up Kit n Kitchen, a restaurant that specializes in spaghetti. i came here years ago when they first opened and haven't been back until now. i enjoyed the food then, and it was pretty good this time again.
chicken and mushrooms in a mixed cream sauce.
this is their signature pillow toast swerved with sweet cream and maple syrup + a scoop of ice cream, which we had for dessert. we also had their garlic pillow toast with our dinner.


  1. OOH! I haven't been there in a while too, but I do enjoy that pillow toast! After reading this, I may need to pay them a visit!:)

  2. that's a really cool top!! looks like summer :)

  3. I totally forgot about that sale darn it! I am in love with your top and that chicken and mushroom picture is making me so hungry!!!!

  4. such a fun top. I got a couple of deals yesterday on amazon


  5. I love love LOVE this top! It is so fun and beautiful!

  6. Summer here is just crazy hot. Who am I kidding? It's summer here all year round but this 2 months has been intense. Minimal rain and some areas are going through draught. My bf fell sick so I'm hoping I don't go down too.
    You look gorgeous with this top. I love the vibrant colors and how you let it shine by pairing it with the white shorts.

  7. I like this outfit a lot! I've been wearing longer sleeves with shorts a lot lately, too.
    I hope you got something good from the primeday. Many actually seemed to dissatisfied because a lot of items sold out too quickly!

  8. I bought white shorts yesterday. Thought hard about it as I'm such a klutz and was worried that I'd easily dirty or spill something over it!! But I love the freshness of crisp white!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  9. I didn't really check out Prime Day but I heard from some of my friends it was somewhat of a dud. Love the colors and somewhat retro vibe of that top. It looks perfect with white shorts. It's been crazy hot in NYC so I've been living in sleeveless dresses or tanks and skirts.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  10. love this--not necessarily something i'd pick up BUT after seeing it on you, i love it, esp with the white shorts, like you sad, to freshen it up. love following you on snapchat, btw.

  11. I hope you got some great sales! I need to shop Amazon again. That top is gorgeous on you :)


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