jelly of a time.

this weekend had a nice balance of work and play. saturday was a full day of volunteering at the aquarium...standing on my feet for five hours straight making hats out of paper plates. it was supposed to be a kids' activity, but it proved to be too difficult for the little ones. i met up with the minis when i was done, grabbed some much needed sustenance at a nearby restaurant on the beach (view=good, food=not so good), let the minis take a dip in the ocean, and finally headed home. my body was so tired, i fell asleep by 9pm. sunday was a much more relaxing day. after the usually morning classes and errands,
we went to the pool and jacuzzi and swam until we turned
into raisins.

guys, i'm really struggling with finding time to take pictures. i've already used up all of my save-for-a-rainy-day drafts.
next week is swimming class sign-ups, and i'm hoping to find
a different day that will free up my sunday mornings again.
until then, you may see a sponsored post or two to help
fill the gaps. normal programming to resume shortly.

the jellyfish was our favorite.
so was this cute little girl.
let's hope we don't ever step on one of these urchins.

try this look:


Vanessa said...

Beautiful outfit.^^
Do you like Oomph!!! the german rock band???;-)

A Very Sweet Blog said...

whew becks! i don't think you took a breath when you typed that. what a busy and fun-filled weekend girlie! hahaha don't you hate it when you use up all of your rainy day posts. hahaha mine are running on fumes! lol i love your owl top and necklace! i think it's so cute. love the colors in it! plus your jacket is awesome. ttyl :)

Style Journey said...

That is the life of a working and busy mom. My days are so filled to the brim sometimes that I crash as soon as I hit the pillow. That's really cool you volunteer at the aquarium too. I love anything related to the water.

Your owl top and owl necklace are super fun! Heather

Chicago Chic said...

I totally understand how that is!! I'm heading into a busy time myself, and don't have time to "stock up" on images. I'm sure you understand too, it doesn't help that my photographer (husband) has a life to live of his own, haha. Well, we are always here -- even if times get busy. That's the beauty of the real blogging community. Love these shorts by the way and I have a similar ring!


JennaStevie said...

This owl top is absolutely ADORABLE, love the owls!! So cute with those shorts :)
The aquarium is always so fun, but yeah being on your feet all day is hard

Frannie Pantz said...

You are SUPER MOM! I truly admire all that you do for your kiddos Rebecca. You deserve mad props. I think we can take a backseat to you time or family time, no worries. Because when you are blogging, you are looking radiant as you do here. I looooove the jacket and how the blouse is longer than it. Also, we both sported mint bottoms today girl!

Chyrel Gomez said...

Thank you for the birthday greeting and I love the shorts. I need to plan and shoot ahead for my ootd's since the rainy days are here too.

shoppanna said...

I love owls, I' ve got the same necklace :)
Amazing pictures!

Izzy said...

so cute, I love the mix of the "vintage" owl with the cartoon owls! haha what an adorable contrast. your ring is gorgeous too! :)


audrinajulia said...

Your essence as a mom can be felt how you tell your story. A loving mom i could say. there are really hard times but so fulfilling and rewarding in the end. Glad you relax the next day, moms too need a break, right?:)

Nice outfit and I love how the pictures are taken on and off the blazer.



Lyosha Varezhkina said...

very cute pattern!

Inside and Outside Blog

Call me M said...

Really pretty outfit!
I'm sure you'll find some time to take pictures really soon! You just need to get used to your new schedule!

Susan said...

Don't stress! Sounds like you are crazy busy and I can totally relate.
Loving the owls. We have a thing about owls around here.

Oreleona said...

oooh pretty jellyfish!! i love the color combo you have going on beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Great outfit - LOVE the print on this top & the little cropped jacket - too cute!
-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

- ME - Fashion Blog said...

Great shorts!!! Lovely!!! would you maybe like to follow one another??




Jan said...

That top is TOO cute!


Hypnotizing Fashion said...

Great outfit and blog !!!! :) You look stunning :) follow each other? :)


she.is.the.one said...

cute top :)

Jull Diaz said...

wow! I love owls!
you look very pretty :)

Denise Pacurar said...

Adorable top! I love the owls!

Laura said...

That's understandable; sometimes life and blogging aren't compatible ;-)
But I love this outfit, especially the owl top and necklace.

dani said...


Let me tell you a story. My Junior prom was at the Long Beach Aquarium. When we got there, someone told me the jellyfish exhibit was closed. I was devastated. Early on in the night, I lost my date. For probably an hour or so. I couldn't find him anywhere. When I finally found him, and asked where he'd been, his response was: "Looking at the jellyfish."

Stella Lunardy said...

you look adorable:) I have the problem in managing my blogging time as well. I could do blogging like only one post each month-_-


SpryOnTheWall said...

Gorgeous top - I love it with the turquoise shorts!

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