gift wrapping ideas.

my favorite part of a gift is the wrapping. after all, gifts are on display under the tree for a while before they get opened...they should be nice to look at.

pretty or creative packaging can make even a $5 gift feel regal. each year, i choose a style or theme and wrap all my gifts the same way. it doesn't have to cost a lot either...just look for things around your home. even newspaper or brown paper bags can become works of art! i love wrapping things in plain kraft paper, because you can personalize each gift if you wanted to. here are a few simple ideas i love:

photo: myparadissi.com
this is one of my favorites. i love using brown wrapping paper, then topping the gift with a simple sprig from your christmas tree or a cinnamon stick. you can also use twine to secure your topper.

photo: bloglovin.com
same concept here except using a box + tag.

photo: craftsalamode.com
love the burlap name tags here.

photo: goinghometoroost.com
super cute "chalkboard" idea

find more ideas on my pinterest gift wrapping board

wrap it or bag it?
do you enjoy wrapping gifts?

get the supplies:


Kim Alston said...

Those are fabulous ideas! More and more people are using "natural" gift wrapping. I think it's so pretty.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

great gift warping ideas.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I think I actually enjoy wrapping gifts even more than shopping for them. Love the look of the kraft paper with botanical touches.

Stanislava E. said...

I love your ideas too! Wrapping gifts is one of my favourite Christmas activities! I'm gonna use these!

Susan Liberatore said...

Such cute ideas! Wrapping is def my favourite thing to do.

Melanie C. said...

Great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


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