east vs west style. new year's eve.

it's the final week of this holiday edition of east vs west style, and we're signing off with what to wear on new year's eve. most times (with kids) it's a night in with family, eating and drinking as we watch the ball drop in times square on tv. but when we do go out, you can bet i'll be in something sparkly.

last year i went with a pretty gold sequinned dress, so i decided to go with this silver beaded comoroso dress by parker this year. the looser fit lets you...er, let loose, without having to worry about sucking in your gut all night. best of all, this dress is a rental from The Stylist LA, a designer dress borrowing service. no need to spend loads of money on a dress you'll likely never wear again. with The Stylist LA, you have access to hundreds of dresses so you never have to worry about wearing the same dress twice.

Jackie / Living After Midnite / New York
Tiffany / Tiffany Style / Georgia
Tracy / TheRightShoes / New York

Ashley / Pursuit of Shoes / California
Danielle / Envision Pretty / California
Becks / oomph. / Hawaii

these are clear nail wraps over a white polish.
(Comoroso Dress - rent for $75 from The Stylist LA; LANY bag;
Lulu's shoes; Max & Chloe bracelet)

in case you missed it:


  1. Woop! so sexxxy! :) perfect for new years eve!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I remember reading a few years ago about the first company to rent out designer clothes. (It's here in NYC and I blogged about it.) The concept is so smart. We want to wear something special, but only for one night, and prefer to avoid the cost of buying it. Great idea. Have fun!!

  3. I can't choose which look I like best, but you're definitely killing it!


  4. I love your NYE look. I think I will probably go black and sparkly this year for New Years. Merry Christmas! :)
    Rugged Comfort

  5. OH MY GOSH this dress is just SO GORGEOUS! The detailing is just delightful!

  6. Very flapper girl CHIC Becks! I love the shine and sparkle! I love Envision Pretty's dress too!

  7. The choice you've made is the best! That dress is fabulous and you look like a celebrity! Love your nails as well! Merry Christmas!

  8. love this dress - sparkles are the best. and your nails are so fun too :)

  9. Oh very beautiful pics, very cute dress



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