a week of yellow. breezy top.

lately, spring has been creeping into my closet in the form of yellow. from pale shades to shocking chartreuse, you can't help but smile when wearing this cheery color. this week is all about this fun spring color, and i'm kicking it off with this easy breezy gauzy top from Patty's Closet.

what color are you sporting this spring?

(Gorjana necklace via Rocksbox)
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Unknown said...

I love yellow and is true what you said - Is impossible look to yellow and dont smile :) Yellow is very happy color.


Ai Sakura said...

So fresh and yes, it's a happy colour!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Tara | The Mix said...

The yellow looks fab with the print of your pants!

Marie said...

Love those pants!!

Shybiker said...

Yellow is my favorite Spring color. So sunny.

BTW, Oomphelia, I just put up a very special post on my blog. I'd really appreciate getting your opinion on it, if you have a minute. Thanks.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Yellow is such a happy color and you can never go wrong with it.


two birds said...

Yellow is so spring-y and pretty. I only wish I could pull it off as well as you. Gorgeous! Those pants are super cute!

LoveT. said...

Beautiful Outfit! Love the gorgeous Top :)


Loves Happy Hour said...

Very cute! I hardly wear Yellow, I think I'm too fair it totally washed me out :( It is such a fun and vibrant color! You can't help to be happy wearing it! Have a nice week!

Iván The Trendy Surfer said...

Super combo, stylish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Lena L said...

This cool yellow looks really awesome on you!
I've been wearing brights like orange and fuchsia a lot lately. My outfits are still mostly black, navy, and neutrals, though. ;p

A Very Sweet Blog said...

It's beautiful!

susan jakovina said...

I love yellow - wondering if I could swing it with my slightly darker 'do!

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