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i've started a few projects recently that have been draining my time: sorting thru the motherload, and more importantly, cleaning my closet. why does it feel like you have more to clean as you clean? been feelin a bit uninspired lately...quite possibly because my closet is out. of. control. i keep reaching for the same things because it's conveniently located near the front of my closet. same with my jewelry drawer, but that's a whole other project. so please bear with me as i finish cleaning my closet...i'll catch up on your blogs as soon as i can.

only left the house today to grab some shave ice and a vanilla rooibos tea latte. can't believe the mileage i'm getting out of this $3.99 f21 tank. and speaking of mileage, gas prices are insane. i know we're not the most expensive, but we're not the cheapest either.
what are you guys paying for a gallon these days?

(sweater & tank; f21; shorts, american eagle; bag, sonia rykiel)


the winner of the leather + wood giveaway is:

heidi heidi momeidi banana fana fofeidi
congrats to heidi of playground diva!


  1. Loving the simplicity of your outfit! That pink is gorgeous!

  2. Like your outfit..cool!As usual love the pink top. Been busy with the kids lately and gas also have a high price in here..Wish to have a rollback.Been saving lately for kids enrollment so hold a bit on purchases..no temptation please.yay!:)


  3. Yes Gas is insane $3.70 here but it might have gone up over night. No matter what you wear you always look gorgeous. An I understand completely about always seeing things in the front of the closet. I am getting ready to do a closet re-style myself.

  4. love the color of your tank!! <3


  5. congrats to the winner! love this outfit. simple but very cute :)

  6. i love your bag and great shorts too!

    cute & little
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  7. Our gas prices really stink right now too, it's a good thing that everything is in a 5 mile radius for me :)
    Cute outfit, I like the combination of pinks. I know what you mean about getting good mileage out of tank tops, they go with everything. Reminds me- I need to stock up on new ones.

  8. CONGRATS to the winner.
    Sadly I think petrol prices are always going to be high while there's troubles in the middle east.

  9. big hurray to the winner and nothing's really cheap lately.

  10. I love your outfit! Congrats Heidi!

  11. Congrats to Heidi and good luck to your with your closet clean-up.
    It does get overwhelming at times I know the feeling. Hope you get it all done.
    Gas prices are crazy in southern CA as well. Around $3.90s for regular.

  12. I love that tank, and I love cheapies like that- the pink is so fun. I better make a shopping trip :)

  13. Your short is sooooooooo beautiful! Congrats to the winner

    H&C from Amsterdam

  14. Congrats to Heidi!
    And I love when the simplest, inexpensive items give me the most miles, too! As for gas, we have not hit $4 a gallon, YET... So I at least cannot complain... Best wishes!

    matters of merrymaking

  15. Cute outfit! I don't have a car yet so luckily I don't pay any fuel fees. xo

  16. such a cool outfit and i really love the bag!

  17. Great piece from F21!
    Congrats to the winnder.
    I think the reason why you're feeling uninspired to clean is because they're no longer packed away. Out of sight out of mind right? Good luck cleaning!

    Just Better Together
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  18. yes, gas prices are insanely high these days...ugggh!
    i know what you mean about grabbing clothes that are accessible (literally) in our closets...i get like that too.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  19. i love that bag! i wish it was easier to find sonia rykiel stuff in the states!

    that flan and shave ice make me miss summer!


  20. Here's a dorky fact about moi - I love cleaning and organzing closets, sorting through clothes and the like. Sad but true! Gas in Georgia isn't as bad as other places we are around $3.50 right now. I remember when I started my first job (in north Georgia) back in 1998 and gas was as low as .83 a gallon (rarely did it get over $1) - I kid you not, could fill up my Dodge Stratus for around $9. Man...

  21. Yes, I found it odd when I get a lot of wear out of my cheap buys. It's almost always unintended!!!


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