fast track to summer.

i realized that summer is fast approaching,
and i'm not quite prepared.
it's funny the things we do to get beach ready:
tone up our bodies, search for the perfect suit,
and, uh...tan privately first...so that we can
hit the beach already tanned??
a few years ago i didn't think about any of this. with sunny weather year round, we're always beach ready.
however, since acquiring mini #2,
i have become a bit more self-conscious.
in addition, having two minis doesn't leave me with much free time.
so, i try to soak up the sun whenever and wherever i can,
by wearing my suits while paying in the yard or washing the car,
snacking on fruits instead of those chocolate chip cookies,
squeezing in some exercises while sitting at my desk,
doing squats and lunges while brushing my teeth.
things like that...

is there anything you do to get beach ready? 

(denim, hurley; swimsuit, vix; crochet, local store)


  1. Love your outfit! Cute crochet top, swimsuit and necklace!

    I usually go to the gym and take dance classes to stay in shape! :)


  2. that necklace is beautiful! love the outfit!

  3. your outfit is amazing! I love your top! :'> keep it up.

  4. I love your outfit! I can't believe you get to live in paradise all year round. jealous. And you are so thin for having two kids. again, jealous :)

  5. love your outfit, very summery!
    i watch what i eat and try to exercise few minutes a day!


  6. Oh I hear ya missy! Not that I live by the wonderful ocean, haha. I have been eating way healthier and working out! You look fabulous, you are already ready!
    <3 Kastles

  7. love this outfit!very creative and your necklace is the cutest. i only cross my fingers and hope for the best before hitting the beach :)

  8. Such a cool look. Love the necklace over the crochet top. I realized last night as I brought home yet another feather necklace that I now own 5 feather necklaces! Need to start wearing them.
    Unfortunately here it is getting colder instead of warmer!
    I am in the same boat as you with two little ones. But since I don't work I do get a lot of sunshine with the kids. I use a gradual self tanner moisterizer when the weather starts warming up so within a week I have a slight tan which looks normal for the season.
    Exercise...Well, all I can say, is spend 48 hours with me and the kids and you will see you get all the exercise you need. Seriously.
    Food... I eat the similar healthy snacks and lunches I feed to the kids. We never buy or bake sweets. My kids think the 100% fruit snacks are candy. Our tradition is we will make brownies or cookies if we host a playdate.

  9. what a unique top, and your jeans are always great on you!


  10. I love your top! and necklace :) I don't do a lot of beach prep because in the UK we don't ever get good enough weather for bikini's :)although if I'm going on holiday then I work out more and try not to eat any junk food ha :) the main word being try ha :)

    Love, Vanilla


  11. Fabulous look....I just love the blouse and the necklace...need to locate this for my daughter!! You styled the look beautifully!!

  12. I personally opted to go big or go home this year with the tummy tuck. BOO-YA! The components of this outfit are perfection. Love each one. Is that necklace from F21? Swimsuit and crochet? HOT.

    Rock on, mama.

  13. i'm following :)

    great blog :)

    beautiful toooop <3

    check my new post if you want to :)

  14. You look so pretty with your hair up. Love the crochet tank, it reminds me of fisherman netting(in a good way). Perfect outfit for summer days. Beautiful close up shot of the necklace.

  15. i love the crochet top and the necklace that you paired with it. and yes, squats and lunges while brushing my teeth -- i gotta start that up again. :)

    cute & little

  16. That necklace is beautiful! But how on earth do you store it so that the feathers don't get all messed up?

  17. Sooooooooo I'm kinda obsessing over that necklace + tank combo. Love all the texture in the outfit!! You look fab!

  18. Not really, I find that sucking in the tummy is just as effective as going to the gym :) Loving the destroyed jeans!


  19. I think theres probably a lot more pressure to be beach ready where you live than me. We don't have any beaches here, going to the lake is at least an hour if not more drive. But I do love laying on my deck in my bathing suit, I just add a few more advanced abdominal excercises to my gym days.

    I looovelovelove this outfit. That tank looks so great with the ripped jeans and that gorgeous feather necklace. And your snack looks so tasty, peanut butter and fruit is such a great combination.

  20. Your destroyed jeans is perfect! Love the cut and color!


  21. i know, summer is almost here!! love your outfit dear.. :) i've missed your blog! haha. i gotta get back in shape with blogging :P


  22. love your outfit!! stunning!! and your necklace is to die for

  23. LOVE everything about this outfit!!!

  24. Everything about your outfit is perfect!! Love whole this look!!


  25. Oh, that necklace really is gorgeous. I love it!

    I've got the bathing suit part down, thank goodness, because I know what I like, and I try to stick to that as much as possible to minimize the pain of bathing suit shopping...but lunges while brushing your teeth? Now that's just genius :)

  26. How sexy and cool do you look babe!! You don't look like someone who has two mini's at all. I'm happy your getting a summer, cause over here in England summer has ran away from us. lol Love Sia x

  27. I'm obsessing over your necklace! SO cool!


  28. Barefoot and cool! Boho chic at its best :)


  29. 2 kids? No Way! you have nothing to be self conscious about, seriously you look great! Gorgeous necklace!!

  30. Girl! As a momma of two...you have a ROCKIN' bod! Seriously! But I know what you mean, we all have room for improvement in our eyes. Spin classes are my favorite! And when I am out getting some sun I make sure to actually swim around instead of just laying there haha!

  31. Love your top! Yeah, I'm on a major diet to try and get ready...my family is also telling me how pale I look, so I guess I need to get some sun too!

  32. Loving those ripped pants with the crocheted top, you look gorgeous!

    xo Lynzy

  33. Very Creative ... love the layering of the underlying top, crochet top and necklace ... very cool.


  34. thank you for your comment! i am following your blog already! i also love your photo techniques!



  35. Love your look and the cut of the crochet is really beautiful. Your necklace is amazing as well.Love the totality of this outfit.:)


  36. You are SO adorable, I absolutely love this outfit and your accessories:)

  37. That necklace is such a great piece. The beading, feathers and the color are perfect!

  38. I have some catching up to do! First off, happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a fun time with some good purchases :)
    Secondly, I love this crochet top on you! So easy, so sexy. I'm not prepared for summer either. White legs are the bane of my summer existence and the chilly weather here by the beach doesn't make it easier to tan. Oh well... spray tan it is.


  39. i really love you put ur clothes together. you look great in them too :)


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